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1. Speaking Gigs
If you love to talk, and you love to teach, why not talk and teach about sex? There is no shortage of people out there looking for advice on how to get more sex, have better sex, or find someone to have sex with. If you like to share this type of information, you can find tons of places eager to book you to speak to their group.

Almost every major city offers live educational events hosted by local adult toy stores.  Good Vibrations in San Francisco, the Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles, and Babeland in New York City all offer classes for their customers and they are continually looking for speakers and presenters. The stores love classes because they bring in customers, the customers love them because they get to learn something new, and you should love them because teaching provides you an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your local community.

If being paid to teach a class on how to give mind blowing orgasms isn’t enough incentive for you, you can always use student feedback as research to create additional income streams (e-books, multi-session classes and private consult work). It’s a win-win-win for everybody.

Implementation Tips:

  • Visit the store's website and/or drop by in person to see if they offer classes. Don’t become discouraged if they aren't currently offering classes; it may be because no one's pitched an idea to them yet. You could be the first. Be a pioneer!
  • Give your class a catchy title and make sure it addresses a single-focused topic. For example, a class titled, “How To Give Your Man A Screaming Orgasm Every time” sounds a lot more appealing than “How To Ask For Sex”.
  • Finally, make sure you have a clear outcome for your students and for yourself. For example, if you’re writing a book on how to give your partner better oral pleasure, let your students know about your book. You just might sell a few advanced copies and/or have access to couples for "case study research".

Other Speaking Opportunities:

Check out your local colleges and universities - many of them have sexological study departments. Also, conferences like CatalystCon and Desiree Alliance offer a myriad of opportunities to share your stuff and (potentially) increase your income.

2. Sell Erotica On Amazon

Do you have oceans of naughty stories filling your head? Write them down, get them edited, and publish them on one the largest book-selling platforms on the planet. Don’t think there’s any money in erotica? Ever heard of a little known book based on 50 Shades of a Drab Color?  Its author is reported to be earning over $1 million...per week! All for a story that many critics claim isn’t really that good. Still think there’s no money in erotic fiction?

Go to Amazon and type “erotica for kindle” in the search box to see what’s popular and selling. This is key! You want to focus on what people are buying to see where your ideas fit in the market. During my research for this article I discovered Jasinda Wilder and her Big Girls Do It Better series that features six highly popular titles. At the time of this writing, her books have been downloaded thousands of times.

3. Sell Pre-Recorded Short Erotic Stories

All you need is a filthy mind, a passion for dirty talk, a computer, a decent microphone, and you’re good to go. After you record your naughty tales you can sell them directly through your blog or website. Quick Tip: I suggest pricing them from .99 to $2.99 if you want to start getting sales quickly, but be willing to play around with your pricing.

If you want to make even more money, consider building a private client base that desires custom stories created just for them. You can sell these for a higher price point because they’ll be exclusively for your individual client's use.

Here are a couple of resources to inspire you:

If you’re going to do this seriously, I highly suggest investing in good quality recording equipment (in particular, a good microphone). Make sure you’re in a quiet area with very little background noise when recording. The better the quality of the audio, the more you can charge. You can record your stories to your computer, export the audios as MP3 files, and publish them to your blog.

4. Phone Sex (Niteflirt)

If you want to avoid dealing with purchasing recording equipment, possibly updating your computer, and uploading audio files to your web host, you can forego all of it by signing up for a service like Niteflirt and offering live phone sex.

Believe or not, phone sex is still alive and well and it’s still fairly straightforward. You and an amorous caller hop on the phone together and you play out his (or her) hottest sexual fantasies. If you want to get started quickly, Niteflirt is an established company with an easy-to-use platform.

5. Sell Single Video Clips

The world of adult video has changed dramatically in the last five years. Porn buyers have lost interest in full length, overly produced videos in favor of shorter clips with a “reality feel”. That’s great news for you as a solo entertainer or budding video entrepreneur.

It’s so much easier to get started these days. All you need is a smartphone or an iPad, some professional lighting, a tripod (or someone to hold the camera or phone), and you’ve got yourself a portable studio for less than 100 dollars.

Do research on sites that allow you to build your own store online (Xtube, Clips4Sale, and Extra Lunch Money are just a few), and sell away!

6. Become A Live Cam Performer

Live cam work is performing and chatting live on a video camera that’s being streamed over the internet in real time. You make money when virtual patrons pay to watch and engage with you. Basically, all you need to get started doing live cam work is a good quality camera attached to your computer and a reliable high speed internet connection.

Another option is working with an established studio.  Keep in mind that the studio is actually “hiring" you, so you have to fit the model requirements of their company before you can model for them. Typically the company will also handle all of the payment processing, connectivity issues, distribution, and blocking of disrespectful clients. While they handle all of the grunt work (leaving you free to perform),  you’re also at the mercy of the company and their policies. If they shut down, change direction, or change modeling requirements, your cash cow could dry up overnight.

If this sounds appealing to you, here's a resource to investigate.

7. Sell Autographed Photographs Of Yourself

Do you currently have an established fan base? Do you frequently invest in updating your images for your website? If so, you can make a nice income offering those images for sale on your website. You can jump start sales by offering them to your best clients.

8.  Sex/Relationship Coaching, Virtual Sex Toy Shopper, or Erotic Concierge Delivered Via Skype.

Let’s face it: Not everyone has access to a clean, well-appointment adult toy store in their city. Even if they do, some of your potential clients may never enroll for an in-person class to learn how to perform oral sex or enter a physical toy shop looking for dildoes. They will online, though, because it’s discreet. Therein lies your golden opportunity.

Skype has opened to the door to communicating with anyone on the planet for next to nothing. More people (couples and singles alike) are looking online for advice, support, and coaching on a variety of topics - from how to select the right partner to how to have more pleasurable sexual experiences.

Anything that can be taught in person can be offered privately and delivered via Skype. I know of a Domina who entertained for a Bachelor party hosted in Dublin, Ireland via Skype while she was safely tucked away in her cozy bedroom in Northern California! Did she make money? You bet! If you love to talk and teach, but you don’t necessarily like to travel, this could be a great opportunity for you.

Where do you find potential clients?

  • Write for popular blogs and invite readers to visit your website to learn more about your coaching services.
  • Offer yourself as a guest on popular podcasts that cater to your audience and invite listeners to reach out about your services.
  • If you plan to write an ebook, you can softly suggest your services inside your book. I suggest peppering web links to a special webpage on your site to learn more about your online coaching services.

9. Teaching Gigs (Workshops)

Do you love to talk, feed off interaction from a live audience,  love sharing ideas, and love telling others how to improve their lives? If so, you’re a natural born teacher. As I mentioned in the previous section on Skype coaching, more people are looking to improve the quality of their sex lives and they will pay experts to show them way.

Three things you need to make teaching pay:

  • A clearly defined audience seeking a specific solution. For example: "Women who want to teach their partner how to give them better orgasms", or "Men who want to ask a women out without feeling pervy or bad about themselves if they're rejected."
  • A topic that you’re actively a student of and deeply passionate about sharing with others
  • Tangible advice that actually helps people transform their lives and gets proven results

If this sounds like you, then you have the foundation for teaching profitable workshops

10. Boudoir Photography Services And/Or Shoot Model Ads

Do you have a good eye? Do people feel at ease in your presence? Do you love to be creative? If you currently express yourself through photography and have decent equipment, you could get started with this income stream straight away.

All you need are great samples to show potential clients, a webpage to share them online, your price sheet, and a way to process payments. Because the field of photography is so competitive, word of mouth tends to work better than traditional advertising.

Focus your early promotional efforts on doing great work for a handful of clients that have large networks so that you can get referrals. If you do great work at a fair price and offer a fast turnaround, potential clients will seek you out.

Two resources to check out: The Boudoir Divas - a San Diego-based female duo specializing in the subject. They offer a variety of classes and training (one of their more popular is Boudoir Biz in a Box). Or, if you just need a quick idea jump starter guide, consider Lori Mann's Irreverent Guide to Shooting Erotic Photography.

Check back for part three and get your last dose of advice on how to diversify your revenue streams...