We are all looking for ways to make more money and be more financially secure. In today’s article I’ll share nineteen ways to turn your passion for adult education and/or entertainment into a variety of income sources that you can implement whenever your heart desires.

In part one of this article, I’ll provide an inspirational overview of suggestions and ideas to jumpstart your thinking. In part two, I will go into greater details about each income generating opportunity and how you can easily implement one or more of them into your income portfolio (including resources to inspire you to move forward).

If you haven't already, catch up on part one and part two before diving in below!

11. Have An Amazon Wish List On Your Website.

There are many ways to acquire the things we desire. We can either create the money to purchase the items we want or we can invite others to purchase the items for us.

Did you know that on Amazon.com you can create a custom “wish list” of products you’d like own but either can’t (or don’t want to) purchase yourself? Amazon has made it super easy to share your wish list with your fans and followers, allowing them to self select what they desire to purchase on your behalf.

12. Affiliate Sales

If you have an established audience (or are a good promoter), you could sell affiliate products like lingerie, sex toys, books, and adult website memberships. This is probably the easiest profit center to set up. Essentially all you need is to visit a variety of websites in search of products and services that you like and think your customers will appreciate.

After completing a brief registration process, you’ll be issued a custom web link with your own affiliate identification. Next, search the site for specific products, programs, and services that you feel will serve the needs of your audience and recommend them on your site, linking to the company's website from your blog/website using your affiliate link.

If you can effectively direct traffic to your affiliate partner's website and the reader purchases the suggested item (or anything on the site) you’ll receive credit for the referral and you’ll be paid a commission. If you have an established following and they trust your judgement (this is the key for success in affiliate sales), you simply create a blog post or page(s) on your site, feature a simple but accurate and honest review of the products or services you recommend. Make sure to use your affiliate link somewhere in your post so readers can click through to purchase the items you suggested.

13. Sell Advertising on Your Blog/Website

If you currently have an established website with tons of traffic, one of the easiest ways to monetize it is by selling advertising. Unlike affiliate sales (where your primary goal is to direct traffic out of your site to make money), with advertising you’re trying to attract and retain the attention of your blog visitors in hopes that they will see the ads of your paid advertisers on your site.

I will say that monetizing your site through banner advertising is not as easy as it once was several years ago. Blog readers are less inclined to click on “obvious advertisements” and that’s why written content in the form of articles and product reviews with affiliate links peppered lightly throughout the article work more effectively.

The latest trend in the blogosphere is taking sponsored posts, where a person or company offers to write an exclusive piece of content for your readers and pays you to publish it on your site. Unlike guest blogging, this is a writer offering to create content for your site for free in exchange for a back link to the writer's own website.

In either instance, whether free or for a fee, you absolutely must have significant traffic to your website on a consistent basis in order to receive advertising dollars. If you have confirmed traffic (this is easy to check if you have Google Analytics installed), then paid advertising is definitely something to consider.

14. Blogging

Making money through blogging echos everything I shared in the previous two tips. You need a blog that's extremely popular and has a lot of traffic. Next, you need a list of subscribers you can reach out to whenever you publish new content, and products or services that you can offer for sale.

Of course, all of this takes time to establish, but you can get started immediately. If you have good writing skills, you can farm yourself out to other people's popular blogs as a guest contributor. You can get started by creating content (articles, website or sex toy reviews) for other established businesses.

If you’d like to get your feet wet, you may consider writing for other blogs before launching your own. To get started, I suggest sending a note to the owner of a blog you currently follow and inquire if they have any need for content.

Bonus tip: I strongly suggest that you supply samples of previously published work to prove that you can actually write.

15. Social Media Marketing

If you love keeping up to date on the latest trends in social media, and you can help other providers navigate the ever-changing landscape, there is plenty of money to be made here. Personally I know of colleagues paying between $300 to over $1000 a month on social media marketing services, so if you think there’s no money in this, or it’s just a fad, think again.

Probably your best source of clients is via your personal network. You can probably pick up one or two clients quickly just by asking fellow providers if you could help for a few hours a month. 10 people paying you $200 a month adds up to $2000 for writing tweets, updating photos on Tumblr, driving traffic to their website or ads, and making sure their Facebook wall stays PG.

That's it! Now you have five MORE ways to turn your expertise and passion into a variety of income streams.

Bonus tips:

  • Continually update your blog/website with all of your new products and services. Think of your site as your central platform (or hub).
  • Consider starting an email list to collect names and email addresses of fans or followers that visit your site. You can keep them updated on your new offerings.
  • Use social media strategically. Update your Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr followers on what you have going on. If you want to streamline the process of updating your social media, familiarize yourself with Hootsuite.com. Hootsuite is a social media management system that allows you to publish and interact with your accounts within one centralized platform.

In conclusion, keep in mind that this takes time, so be patient with yourself. Do your due diligence, explore the resources I’ve provided, and don’t forget to use Google to do more digging. Finally pick something and get started.

Best of luck to you!