“Money, money, money, mo-naay -- Mo-naay! Some people got to have it -Some people really need it...”

These are the opening lyrics of For The Love Of Money, soulfully sung by the 1970’s music legends The O’Jays. It was made popular once again in recent years (a direct result of the hit television program The Apprentice).

We are all looking for ways to make more money and be more financially secure. In today’s article I’ll share nineteen ways to turn your passion for adult education and/or entertainment into a variety of income sources that you can implement whenever your heart desires.

In part one of this article, I’ll provide an inspirational overview of suggestions and ideas to jumpstart your thinking. In part two, I will go into greater details about each income generating opportunity and how you can easily implement one or more of them into your income portfolio (including resources to inspire you to move forward).

But before I share the list, I’d be remiss if I neglected to emphasize one very important caveat: The ideas and suggestions in this article are just that -- ideas and suggestions.  Always check with your legal/financial/tax advisors before making final decisions.

How To Use This Article:

Review the following list and make note of any ideas that resonate with you. Please be mindful that some of the ideas on this list will take time to implement before you start to generate any income ~ like publishing your erotica to Kindle or developing information products, for example.

On the other hand, if you have a need to create income faster, you might consider exploring phone sex (and yes, people still pay for dirty talk over the telephone). If this option appeals and you’d like to get started quickly I suggest setting up an account on Niteflirt.com. Once your profile is created you’re all set to take calls and make cash.

Other Fast Income Generating Options:

If you have an eye for a photography, a talent for graphic design, Wordpress, or SEO, you might consider offering these services directly to local area providers. You could start attracting prospective clients quickly via an ad published in Backpage or other adult provider/entertainer websites.

As you review the following the list of ideas, focus on these two key areas.

1) What do you have a natural talent for? and 2) What are your current financial desires or requirements? For example: Do you have a knack for teaching, speaking, writing, coding, image design, etc., and do you need cash now, or steadily over the long run?

Keep your answers in the forefront of your mind and, as you read, highlight any ideas that appeal to you. And one final suggestion ~ don’t let the list overwhelm you. For now, just focus on selecting one idea you can get started with immediately, and perhaps another that will serve as a longer term project, say six months or so down the road.

19 Income Producing Ideas for Adult Entertainers.

  1. Speaking Gigs.
  2. Write And Sell Erotica On Amazon.
  3. Sell Pre-Recorded Short Erotic Stories.
  4. Phone Sex (Niteflirt).
  5. Sell Single Video Clips.
  6. Become A Live Cam Performer.
  7. Sell Autographed Photographs Of Yourself.
  8. Offer Sex/Relationship Coaching Delivered Via Skype. (An add-on to this idea is to become a virtual sex toy shopper or erotic concierge)
  9. Teaching Gigs (Workshops)
  10. Boudoir Photography Services And/Or Shoot Model Ads
  11. Have An Amazon Wish List On Your Website. Not all income is cash, right?
  12. Affiliate Sales. Especially if you have an established audience (and/or a good promoter) you could sell affiliate products like lingerie, sex toys, books, and adult website memberships
  13. Sell Advertising on Your Blog/Website. This will only work if you have a popular site with lots of traffic
  14. Blogging. You can get started by creating content (blog articles, website or sex toy reviews) for other established businesses
  15. Social Media Marketing (especially on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook). A lot of people don’t understand social media. If you’re a jedi master at this, you could have tons of clients looking for your services.
  16. Become a Sex/Relationship Expert on YouTube. In part 2, I will share an example of a couple offering sex tip advice on their Youtube channel, and show you how they’re making money from sponsor advertising.
  17. Start your Own Podcast.  If you want to offer sex/relationship advice, and you don’t want to be on camera, consider this income stream. How you will make money? The same as the Youtube experts (see tip #16) ~ through sponsor support.
  18. Create and Publish An Information Product. This a big one and, if you do it correctly, it can yield amazing financial returns.
  19. Develop An App. Mobile Apps are extremely hot right now, if you can come up with an idea that helps people have more fun in bed, there could a lot of moola in your future. I’ll share some of the best apps on the subject of sex in part 2 of this article series, and I’ll show you how you can get started developing your own.

So there you have it: 19 ideas that can help you generate a lot more mo-nay!

What ideas stood for you most? Consider at least two in addition to whatever you’re currently doing now. One that creates money quickly, and another that will take some time to develop.

I’ll leave you with a great bonus tip:

Whatever you decide to offer in the way of an actual service (be it how to get started doing phone sex, or how to publish a blog on Wordpress, or how to write and sell erotica), ask yourself this one very powerful question:

“How can increase my income by teaching everything I know about ______________?”

Final Thoughts:

We live in an information economy. People will always invest in quality information that will help them achieve anything in the following three key areas:

1) How to get more money

2) Maintain/improve their health

3)Improve their relationships and get more fulfillment out of sex.

You’re probably already an expert on that subject so use this article to stimulate your mind, put your thinking cap on and start doing some planning. Push on to part two now.