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Hello Perfect Stranger,

I want you to reach into the vaults of memory and recall the first blush of adoration you experienced for the fairer half of our species, the strength of your admiration and longing for her touch…when was the last time a woman truly stoked the fires of your imagination, made your heart quicken and your blood rush? I want to take you back to the square root of electric hunger, of feral hope, and wild elation.

I want to inspire you…

That probably sounds damn ambitious to you, but please think… when was the last time you truly relaxed? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that lately you’ve felt like something akin to Atlas, as if the weight of the world is balanced squarely upon your shoulders.

It is vital to carve out time from the pressures and responsibilities of reality and to indulge and nourish yourself. You are driven; maybe your career disallows you the time for traditional dating or your domestic life, while fulfilling in so many ways, is lacking in others? Purposefully submitting to pleasure is physiologically and emotionally replenishing and improves your human experience as a whole (ask science!) yet creating space in your busy, professional life and finding the time and energy to plan can be daunting. Let me take the reins. As a practiced hedonist, it has been my great privilege to dedicate myself to curating experiences full of warmth, luxury, and the pure thrill of gorgeous self indulgence for you…and I do a helluva job at it, if I do say so myself.

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Londy Ana is a 5'6", curvy, 25 year old ebony woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.

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