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Sponsored Under the Radar Girls
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The Elite Zara

+“Elite Pampering: Experience luxury care that lasts a lifetime.”

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“Discover the Ultimate King Treatment: an elite escape designed to pamper you from head to toe, creating memories that last forever. Step into luxury.”

“Discover Unparalleled Relaxation: Your Invitation to Elite Serenity

Greetings from a sanctuary where every day is exceptional, and your well-being is our masterpiece. Delve into the refined art of Body Rubs with me—where passion meets dedication, ensuring each moment transcends to a realm of calm and liberation from stress.

Nestled in a private, serene setting that feels like home, we also provide the convenience of mobile Offerings tailored to your locale. Our offerings are curated for the elite: bespoke Body Rubs, Organic Shower Scrubs, Jelly Masks paired with wax treatments, rejuvenating refreshments, and a sanctuary of tranquility. Experience the unrivaled foot run and Reiki healing for a bliss unmatched.

Grounded yet extraordinary, I’m here to be the confidante you never knew you needed, fostering connections that go beyond the surface. Our sessions are enriched with soothing Meditation Music, Aromatherapy for peace, and Hemp-infused oils for natural Alleviation, all designed to elevate your spirit to a state of Joyful Bliss.

For those seeking depth, understanding, and a touch of luxury, our doors are open. Embark on a journey of lasting relationships and authentic connections. Curious about our exclusive packages? Reach out to book your escape into luxury. Please provide at least One Day notice for bookings.

Exploring dominion? Inquire about our Dom Sessions.

Until we meet,

Zara xoxoxo

The Look

The Elite Zara is a 5'3", athletic, 24 year old ebony / asian woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


As a veterinary student, my passion for life extends to both animals and education, paralleled by a commitment to fitness and wholesome eating. Intellectual and emotional growth in companionship is paramount to me, seeking wisdom and shared evolution.

In fragrances leans towards the luxurious, with Bond 9 and Baccarat topping my list, while fashion intrigues me find me at Gucci’s doorstep, embodying the whimsy of a modern-day princess. Beyond the material, my heart beats for altruism, with efforts channeled into building a nonprofit aimed at uplifting others.

Leisure finds me absorbed in the arts of painting and audiobooks, while the thrill of go-karting and the fantasy of cosplay offer diverse escapes. I value meaningful connections, aiming for a camaraderie that fosters comfort and authenticity. My entrepreneurial spirit is keen on exploring sponsorships and partnerships, seizing new ventures with like-minded individuals.


Communication: Listen attentively, speak clearly, and avoid interrupting. Use “please” and “thank you” generously.
Punctuality: Arrive on time for appointments and meetings.
Respect: Everyone with dignity and kindness, regardless of their status or role.
Dress Appropriately: Wear attire suitable for the occasion, respecting dress codes.
Gratitude: Express appreciation for hospitality, gifts, or kind gestures.


Thursday Monday

11am 8pm

After hr appts can be arranged

Light Screening is required.

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