What is a foot fetishî? My friend explained he loves toe cleavage like some men love breast cleavage. Open toe shoes with a strappy, dangling back heel are enough to make him salivate! And he is not alone. Summer time in a place like Miami is absolute secret Hell for thousands & thousands of men with this sexy secret. It's those strappy sandals and fresh pedicures. It is the fresh sweat in the sneakers. Yes - Foot fetishes are fairly common.

Is it just about feet? No! A great foot fetish experience can be about the super sexy uber expensive stiletto high heels of our favorite brands or middle class traditionals from your local boutique, or just a fun pair of cheap thrills from the superstore around the corner - Sexy boots, strong boots, silky summer boots, an open toe comfort shoe, a flip flop, bare feet, a fresh pedicure, the natural look, and of course let's not forget about contemporary classic thigh high stockings, or retro stockings and garters -- there are lots of sexy variations!

What is an escort experience involving a foot connoisseur like? I think the best explanation is an erotic interaction that is both visual (based on what sort of foot fetish the gentleman has), and also visceral, meaning usually it is about the joy of giving a foot massage, kissing and licking the toes and feet, along with massaging the ankle and calf. To some it is about kissing the shoes presented in a tantalizing manner. Soothing support and affection are usually appreciated as opposed to words of degradation or mockery. This interaction is very sensual for the gentleman with the fetish so he doesn't necessarily want to be chastised for his attraction -- he wants to celebrate his passion by massaging the feet, allowing his face and chest to be lightly teased with them, he may want to touch himself while kissing feet, or have those feet tease his cock to the point of release. Some foot fetishist like happy endings in that sense. Some prefer privacy. Very rarely do foot fetishists want to engage in actual intercourse defined sex, because kissing and touching - that connective, tactile feeling is more where they are at. Mix that touch with the smell of sweat between the toes, and there they go. It's about nurturing that erotic need. They want affectionate support for the fabulous foot play!