Sky high heels may kill our feet, but the sexiness they exude is undeniable. From everyday wear to fetish extreme, heels have that certain something that adds intense sex appeal. From sexing up your formal look to full on fetish, heels get our blood flowing to many more places than just to the tip of our aching toes.

"One of the best ways that status can be conveyed is through impracticality..."

People don't often think of high heels as practical footwear. I don't know too many people other than Charlie's Angels who can run and really kick ass in heels, but if anyone can, you know she must be a pro! Dommes, models and dancers learn to wear high heels effortlessly, walk in them as if they are floating on a cloud, glide across the floor like a scene out of a movie. But did you know that heels weren't always specifically crafted with particularly femme women in mind?

Men in Heels

In the time of Louis XIV heels were actually more commonly worn by men! As a symbol of status and a sign of leisurely pursuits. Even these men were not expected to move swiftly or attend to any hard labor while sporting their heels.

Only later did the fashion come back for women to embrace, allowing us to show off our delicious legs and gorgeous arches.

"Elizabeth Semmelhack believes that high heels began to be seen as erotic footwear when they came back into fashion in the late 19th Century - the nude models on French postcards were often wearing them." - Why did men stop wearing high heels?

Shoes are definitely a fetish all their own and high heels offer instant sex appeal.

The Status of the Sole.

Back when men were lounging around in impractical footwear a high heel wasn't the only thing that demonstrated the undeniable status of the wearer.

"In the 1670s, Louis XIV issued an edict that only members of his court were allowed to wear red heels. In theory, all anyone in French society had to do to check whether someone was in favour with the king was to glance downwards. In practice, unauthorised, imitation heels were available." - Why did men stop wearing high heels?

It looks like red soles have been a symbol of status since long before Christian Louboutin cornered the market and trademarked the red sole in 2008 via Christian Louboutin vs. YSL 'Red Soles' Lawsuit Finally Dismissed.

Thus solidifying the exclusive trend and reinforcing red hot brand recognition with every step.

My latest obsession are Taylor Says sole enhanced styles, taking the colorful sole to the next level, she's painted fun, flirty and sexy designs right where a shoe worshipper can appreciate them. (Side note: WANT!, also see more of the Taylor Says heels pictured above in my bed.)

Don't get me wrong, sexy heels aren't just about the shoe or the sole. It's all about the full on femme look, the way they enhance every curve starting at your feet and moving up the legs...

Your Butt Looks Amazing

Heels make your feet, legs and butt look amazing and engage muscles that usually go unnoticed. Did you know that some people actually do squats in heels, like Ice T's wife Coco who is known for her famously round and robust posterior.

Wearing heels engages all of your leg and gluteus muscles making them strong and full. We tend to stand taller in heels. Guess which other muscles engage when we wear our heels? The precious vaginal muscles keeping lady parts healthy and tight. These muscles engage with the shift in the pelvic floor and get their own workout while you strut.

Not only do heels make my butt look pretty amazing they also turn me into even more of a giantess. I'm about 6'4" in a nice size pair of heels, add a platform and don't hurt your neck looking up!

Full on Fetish

Some heels may be a bit difficult to walk in, while others are completely impossible. Fetish ballet heels take high to the extreme, pointing a patent leather toe and perching on a spike heel of 7+ inches. Walking in these is more than just a skill.

Effectively rendering the wearer helpless at the mercy of a kind hearted Domme who will happily enjoy the view. You can crawl or get tied to a bed in these beauties, but ballet heels are not made for walking. The do lend themselves nicely to binding and other types of fetish play. Do you fantasize about barely walkable heels? Enjoy this video featuring a real human doll in fetish heels.

For something to satisfy your high heel fetish right now check out for even more inspiration. You know I do.