Meeting a new entertainer, pornstar escort, or erotic companion is exciting, yet, also awkward. You want to make a good impression. You want to "bond." Yes - You have an idea in mind as to what you want the end result to be, but you also want to be a nice person in the eyes of your companion. You are a good guy! To some of us - You are a most valued friend.

So here are a few report card style pointers to help make that first meeting special enough to do again and again:

A = Ask awesome questions to determine if the performer is able to accommodate your interests. Don't ask for overly graphic details of sessions or try to negotiate down or through the price too much via email, text or initial phone conversation. If you ask in hard detail what you get for how much, it makes us nervous. You know what you can do. Set your limits. After you see a few potentials, you should be able to tell from the ad who is right for you.

B = Be on time. Some men show up early and being too early can be way worse than being late. Though ALWAYS if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late - communicate. Text or call - however you prearranged - as soon as you as you realize you're stuck in grid lock or parking lot style traffic.

C = Conversation. Talk should be simple and genuine. It is many things, though it is not cheap. You don't have to spread the sugar on thick to be nice. Just be pleasant. Don't ask if the performer has a boyfriend or children, or if she is in college, or if she has a real job, or what her "real" name is, or what her tattoos all mean, or how long she's been doing "this" - Instead - Ask her if you can get a massage. Offer her one. Tell her what interests you and excites you - ask her if she likes the things you like. Get to know her for why you are there! If you keep seeing her, eventually you may find out those other secret details. Why, though, do you want to spend your hour hearing about her student loans or the details of a divorce or bad boyfriend? You know why you are there. Keep it friendly and don't invade her privacy.

D = Definitely keep it clean! Take a shower before you arrive! It not only makes a great first impression, it can be very relaxing to get naked, warm and wet and have a moment to unwind from traveling or from the work day. Also - let her know if perfume and lipstick is NO to go; and take into consideration your cologne may create a similar negative issue. Drop the scent. Go clean and natural. It is for your benefit and hers.

E = Exactly the amount in an envelope without a lot of discussion; or an easy advance charge -- always nicer than a lot of cold chat about cash when you want to relax. If a tribute is too high for you, see a female escort in your price range. Don't haggle or argue, and please don't charge back unless there is truly a genuine problem or issue.

F = Fun! Your experience should soothe you and/or excite your curiosity. It is supposed to make the day better. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your performer. Have some good old fashioned fun! The time you spend with an entertainer, performer or erotic companion should be special, even if it is superficial or a one time event. It may actually turn out to be more than that. You may find your secret fantasy, then stay with her for a while to come - Then come and come again!