Developed in the Femme Dom underground this type of combined body worship and role play has a multitude of applications when spending time with that special new friend. Especially when you are just getting to know a new escort friend, you may not want to push the boundaries into grey territory. It is a very sexy, safe way to get to know each other better.

Men are often visually stimulated, and women love to be adored for being attractive. It is easy to start a role play by having a uniquely appealing personal sense of style or costume. This could be six inch stilettos and a pencil skirt, skinny jeans with a g-string strap seen on the hip, or it could be a gym outfit. More than likely your special new friend is so pretty or so interesting to look at. They should be even more exciting in person than in photographs, and that can be an erotic part of time spent together. Look at the incredibly sexy treat that awaits !

We are all touch deprived, so taking time to slowly explore each other can be a most relaxing exercise. Men often love their ears or nipples softly caressed or kissed or lightly bit - women often love their shoulders being gently massaged -- most men easily achieve erection watching a woman slowly undress while touching herself -- a lot of women find a hard man a point of fascination ... To tease a bit. Playfully! You don't have to "OWN" it! Just play it a bit!

Now - There are some definite boundaries between visual stimulation, erotic touch and going "all the way." Slowly reaching out in a new fantasy as opposed to just "hitting the base buttons" can be mutually enjoyable. It just takes some comfortable communication.

Happy endings can be defined differently than full penetration, yet still have a very exciting climax: Auto-eroticism, body-to-body Japanese Nuru style massage, Hitachi Magic Wand vibrators, a very light touch along with a good verbal whispering in the ear of all those things you would do if you could do anything at all in the world - knowing it is just a fantasy . Tease and Denial sometimes offers a connection and intimacy without any of the concerns that actually going there for real may present. It is safe. It is clean. It is consensual. It is fun. It is pleasing. There's no denying it. TRY IT!