I can honestly say Twitter is not for everyone but, I love it for 3 reasons.

1. Free marketing and SEO. Updating your Twitter even once a week can go a long way towards getting you on the first page of any major search engine when people are searching for you.

2. Networking. I have been able to connect with so many escorts and providers on Twitter and feel a true sense of community as well as exchange health, sex, money, beauty and touring tips.

3. Engaging clients. I’m able to post a question (example; where should I tour next?) and get 100+ responses (Cincinnati! Wichita! Miami!) in under an hour and give them a true insight to my personality.

Private or Public?

I chose to keep my Twitter account public for clients to be able to discover more about my personality without having to contact me directly. I don’t really see the point of having a Twitter account that is private kind of defeats the entire idea of “social” media.

Who to follow?

Anyone you want, there’s no hard line or rules on who you should follow, just remember you’re running an adult business & consorting with those who could be considered minors is generally a no-go. A great place to start with is @Slixa, other local escorts, your favorite porn stars, favorite music artists or anyone you’d like to know more about or interact with.

What do I tweet?

Whatever you want. Tweeting about your upcoming tour schedule, any new happenings in escort land such as photos, website updates or a blog post are all great places to start. I prefer to add a few personal touches to my tweets; funny or strange things that have happened on tour, stuff about my dog (who has his own Twitter, don’t judge me!), any fun personal plans like vacation, my opinion on the today’s news stories, anything that comes to mind really. What you should stay away from is the negative; nobody wants to hear about your period or that you are doing $50 specials because you didn’t make rent.

What’s this @ thing?

The @ thing is called a mention anytime you put it in front of someone’s Twitter handle like @Slixa they will be able to see what you’ve written but, the people following you won’t be able to see your tweet unless they are following both of you, so I generally put a period in front so it shows up for all to see ( .@Slixa ) so if you’re having a dialogue your followers will get the jist of your conversation.

What’s this # thing?

The # thing is called a hashtag in Twitter and is great to use when touring as anyone searching for that #word will find your tweet (Example; Sexy #Redhead visiting #Boston #Escort #GFE) now anyone who searches Twitter for; redhead, Boston, Escort or GFE will find my tweet and Twitter profile.

Whats a DM?

A DM is like a private message. I find them more annoying than useful like most private messaging systems; just send me a damn email. Please don’t send sensitive info via DM - your bound to eventually screw up and tweet it for all to see. I say this because I’ve done it. Use DMs for quick questions that if everyone saw it your safety and dignity wouldn’t be compromised. Note that you can only send a DM to someone who is following you.

Is it worth my time?

Yes, hell yes. The SEO benefits alone make it worth your time. What’s 30 seconds out of your day if it helps to get your provider ads, websites, blogs and social networking profiles on the front page of every major search engine when people are searching for you? (Make sure your website is listed on your Twitter profile to drive traffic to your personal website!) Money in your pocket that’s what it is. Like any business owner I keep track of where my appointments come from and I’ve found that at least 3 clients in every city I visit tell me reading my Twitter lead them to choosing my services over another escort or that my tweets were entertaining and they had to meet me even though I’m not their “type." An added perk is when touring I’ve been able to connect with other escorts and sex professionals to get out and explore the city, grab drinks, a meal and occasionally a doubles session.

Basic Twitter dos & don’ts

DO engage your followers by asking open questions that everyone can answer or has an opinion on and .@Them about their response.

DON’T book appointments via Twitter; send interested clients to your website.

DO list your website on your Twitter profile.

DON’T feed the trolls, just like on the boards there will be some aggravating fuckknuckle who you generally can’t avoid but, with Twitter they have a block feature - don’t be afraid to use it.

DO add your personality to your tweets.

Slixa Quickies

No I'm not talking about dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Slixa Quickies are short text updates that allow you to keep your Slixa profile page updated with bits of content throughout your day. Use Quickies to update your schedule, let fans know your thoughts and opinions, link to interesting things you find on the internet, or anything else you think your fans may enjoy reading about you. The super cool and unique thing about this feature is that if you already use Twitter, Quickies can automatically pull your Tweets into your Slixa profile. Go ahead give it a try, don't be shy, doing Quickies isn't dirty anymore.