You have a few options to deal with the inventible time of the month as an escort; 3-8 days off every month, reach out to the red-wing fetish guys, go from 3/3 to 2/3 orifice availability, or block the flow and go about business as usual. In this article, I will cover your options for blocking the flow more commonly known as stuffing, as the other options are self-explanatory.

There is a plethora of stuffing options and most are the same principal, just different items and cost. I have used every one of these methods and giving my honest opinion of each, what works for my body and what works for your body will differ - try a few to see what might be best for you. I suggest using female condoms during your period just in case of any leaks and douching with warm water prior to stuffing to remove any traces of blood.

Instead Cup or Diva Cup- You can usually find these in pharmacies with all the other period supplies or over with the condoms aisle. It’s basically a disposable diaphragm that you place snugly against your cervix to collect menstrual blood. Some ladies will also add a small makeup round inside the cup for extra protection. If you have a tilted cervix or shallow vagina this will not be your best option. I tried this once and only once, while we were going about our business the center of the cup split, thankfully the gentleman was into the whole crime scene thing but, um yea not to cool in my book. Some ladies love these and the fact they’re generally easy to find makes them worth giving a try.

Sea Sponge- Sea sponges can be bought at most health food stores, the key is to buy a natural sea sponge as artificial sponges cannot be cleaned as thoroughly and may contain latex, yep sea sponges are reusable if you wash and dry them after each use. Most sponges are huge so cutting them down is necessary. These are great for those who are environmentally conscious or frugal. The best way to use is to start with a clean dry sponge and coat with lube, insert and push up against your cervix. Removal can be a bit tricky and I suggest taking dental floss and tying it around the sponge so you have something to pull on for easier removal. I know many women who swear by this from everyday women to porn stars on set. I’ve tried it and it works well but, the thought of shoving a dead sea creature in my whoha is just off putting.

Make-Up Sponges and Baby Wipes- These are things you generally have on hand so they are great if you unexpectedly start your period and for many ladies they are the go to fix. Most use 1-3 round make-up sponges and like the sea sponge, you place them against your cervix. Be sure to remove make-up sponges between partners as they don’t hold much and do a better job of blocking flow than capturing. Too much friction or movement can shift them nad cause the flood gates to open! Baby wipes were my favorite method until I found another product and what escort doesn’t have baby wipes? You wring out the liquid from the baby wipe, fold into a small square and place against your cervix; you can double up on a heavy day. I’ve found baby wipes are easier to remove than make-up sponges as you can usually get a corner of the wipe and pull - nothing like going to the gyno for object removal!

Beppy- I swear these things were invented by a working girl. They are individually packaged sponges made specifically for sex on your period, it’s like wearing a tampon and you can’t even feel it while wearing. I’ve never had an issue with a partner noticing either, nor have I ever had an issue with any blood leaking even when using for 4-6hrs. The two major downfalls to Beppy are price (6 sponges for $17 dry or $26 wet) and they are only available online. Now the pros just may justify the price; latex free, condom and lube compatible, safe for 6hr wear, easy to insert and remove. There are two types of Beppy sponges, wet and dry; I personally opt for dry and add my own lube as Beppy wet has a lubricant that just disagrees with my body. If you have sensitive pH and have high instance of BV or yeast infection, opt for Beppy dry.

If you get any stuffing item stuck, don’t panic we’ve all had it happen once. Sit on the toilet and give another try. While flexing your vaginal muscles, force the stuffy further down your vaginal canal. If that doesn’t work, a warm water douche will help to flush the stuffy out. If all else fails, head to the gyno, as Toxic Shock Syndrome more commonly associated with tampons can occur if you have ANY item stuck in your whoha for an extended amount of time.

Yes, Mother nature can be a real bitch, but we are armed warriors!