It's that time of year again! That most romantic of holidays, centered around all things sex and love (and chalky candy hearts): Valentine's Day🌹.

But have you ever felt like you made it to February 15th without getting what you really wanted from your partner for Valentine's? Whether it was all-night hardcore action, the addition of a third to your duo, or the permission to finally explore that kink you've been secretly reading about online for the last six months?

We asked some of the top Slixa Girls what their advice would be for getting exactly what you want in bed (or on the couch, or in the shower, or aboard the Washington to NYC Amtrak Acela) this Valentine's Day. Here's what they told us:

New York City's Brittany Andrews

“Be creative! Most men think the only thing women want is reciprocation of physical needs being exchanged. We, as you know, are more complex.

Find out what turns her on mentally and the rest will flow.

When someone is getting what they need and want - then they are often very generous in return.”

Minneapolis' Victoria Vivre

“I'd say the best advice anyone can give or get is to be a gentleman! Be someone kind and generous – kindness goes a long way. Beyond that, communicating clearly with your partner what you need (even if it makes your nervous!) will make all the difference in the world.”

San Francisco's Adahlia Cole

“Until you have had a conversation establishing blanket consent with a partner for certain activities, ask before each heightening of activity. Some people seem to think this “kills the mood” but if you think this, you’re just doing it wrong and nothing is hotter than knowing all parties involved are beyond excited and stoked to be there and indulging together with mutual delight.

Gaining consent before ascending to a new level of engagement establishes trust and respect and leads to deeper, more comfortable and satisfying sexual encounters in my experience.

And of course, never underestimate the power of the tease! Anticipation makes things all that much sweeter.”

New York City's Esme Wolfe

“The best way to get what you want in bed is to discuss your desires before even getting to the bedroom, perhaps while enjoying a glass of  champagne over dinner! That way you when you hit the sheets you’re not  left to wonder “will they, or won’t they?”

The more I know about my  partners’ desires, the more keen I am to fulfill them!

Beyond that, do your research. If you have an unconventional fantasy or kink in mind, the best way to get your partner on board is to explain how it works and what you like best about it beforehand. It can sometimes be nerve-wracking to try something new, but the more I know about my  partners’ desires, the more keen I am to fulfill them!”

So here's the conclusion: when it comes to getting what you want in bed, communication is always the key. Lots of people suspect that whatever they like or want is too out there for their partner to provide or participate. But the truth is, most would love the opportunity to make their partner's dreams come true – if only they knew what those dreams were!

This Valentine's Day: ask (nicely) and you shall (likely) receive!

Fact: Did you know that historically sees an 8-10% spike in traffic in the three days leading up to Valentine's, but February 14th itself is usually much quieter! A gentleman always plans ahead.

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