Pretty pretty...

Please! Yes, manners are real and they can really help you get exactly what you want from a kind hearted Mistress like myself.

Is your ultimate desire something kinky or 'dirty'? Do you have a confession? One of my biggest turn-ons in life, whether playing or day to day, is taking responsibility. When you ask for what you want, you take responsibility for your desires. You own them and take one step closer to making them real.

Plus, you have a much better chance of getting what you really want if you speak up about what it is. Talk to your playmates, you're going to have to communicate your desires one way or another if you really want to make them happen. This could be over email, on the phone or in person — eventually you're going to have to spill the beans.

Playing with a pro is all about the negotiation. There is no room here for leaning on instincts when you are about to play with someone you've never met before. We all like to cut to the chase and get down to the fun part, but without a thorough negotiation your fun-times could be a real let down.

Pro-Dommes are not known to be mind readers. We've seen and experienced a lot of fetishes, and we know a bunch of different ways to play. But you'll still need to let us in on a few of your secrets if you want to really make your fantasies come to life. All of our playmates are not the same, and you'll be very happy to know that we don't consider you or treat you as such. You are an individual with your own desires and curiosities. What's your secret fetish? What's your passion?

You have a fantasy, you have a dream that you want to make real, or else you wouldn't be looking for a playmate, would you? Now that you've found a lovely new potential playmate, go ahead - think about what you really want. Whether you're just getting ready to make your first appointment, showing up for the first time or a subsequent meeting — the way to get what you want is as simple as these four steps:

Ask for it - Explicitly and be prepared to do your part to make it happen.

Say 'Please' - This word is the magical secret password that will open up even more possibilities.

Beg for it - Maybe you didn't get what you wanted right away. Maybe you haven't worked hard enough yet. I personally love to hear you beg, grovel and really show how much you want it. I might eventually be convinced that you deserve it.

Work for it - Listen to feedback from mistress or playmate. Is she not really interested in your scene? You might want to renegotiate, enlist a friend or look elsewhere. Does she have prerequisites that will get you to a place of deserving it? Pay attention, follow directions and earn it.

Look me in the eye and tell me what you really want. I want you to own it, go out and get it.