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The constellations of illustrations etched forever upon her flesh are a treasure map for you to follow with hungry finger tips…

Hello Perfect Stranger,

I want you to reach into the vaults of memory and recall the first blush of adoration you experienced for the fairer half of our species, the strength of your admiration and longing for her touch…when was the last time a woman truly stoked the fires of your imagination, made your heart quicken and your blood rush? I want to take you back to the square root of electric hunger, of feral hope, and wild elation.

I want to inspire you…

To grant your wishes…

To be your escape from the monotony of routine…

That probably sounds damn ambitious to you, but please think… when was the last time you truly played? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that lately you’ve felt like something akin to Atlas, as if the weight of the world is balanced squarely upon your shoulders.

It is vital to carve out time from the pressures and responsibilities of reality and to indulge and nourish yourself. You are driven; maybe your career disallows you the time for traditional dating or your domestic life, while fulfilling in so many ways, is lacking in others? Purposefully submitting to pleasure is physiologically and emotionally replenishing and improves your human experience as a whole (ask science!) yet creating space in your busy, professional life and finding the time and energy to plan can be daunting. Let me take the reins. As a practiced hedonist, it has been my great privilege to dedicate myself to curating experiences full of warmth, luxury, and the pure thrill of gorgeous self indulgence for you…and I do a helluva job at it, if I do say so myself.

As far as personal passions go, my life is centered around cooking, dining, food writing and food photography and I would be thrilled to share this with you. I live to concierge gastronomic experiences and have a very solid knowlege base of the food scenes in SF, NY, CHI, LA and DC and a knack for getting even hard to make reservations and would love to set up an evening full of all things delicious for you try. I am also an experienced cook and would be delighted to private chef for you. Please email to discuss if you are interested in having me make you dinner (or breakfast… my poached eggs are perfect.)

The Look

Adahlia Cole is a 5'2", curvy, 29 year old caucasian / middle eastern woman with long black hair and grey eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.




On any given day, you might find me exploring the deYoung Museum and Botanical Gardens or waltzing through Birite or the Ferry Building, picking up culinary treasures to bring back home for that evening’s probably overly elaborate dinner party (or to cook for you?) If it is dreary out, I’m probably cozied up on the couch obsessively researching how to next put to use my sous vide and Searzall, or writing up a new post for my culinary blog. If it’s balmier, I’ll be naked on my rooftop (decidedly not tanning because I wear SPF 100 since my skin only has two shades: ghost or lobster) bopping along to Chicago Hip-Hop and planning my next international foray or lazily driving up Highway 1 through the redwoods in my 60’s convertible to my favorite hidden beach (deluxe picnic in tow, obviously). If you want to know what others have to say about me, I am notorious for being a nexus of connectivity and warmth. Additionally, the highest praise I’ve personally received is being referred to as the “cutest harbinger of benevolent mischief” (quickly followed by “damn you really know how to curate -paraphrased:- ‘a certain kind of delicious group shenanigans.’”), that my baby back ribs are “sploosh-worthy enough to be the catalyst for religious conversion,” and that I give off sultry matriarch vibes.

As far as gifts and treasures go, they are never expected but I would be being disingenuous if I said a well picked something won’t make me squeal with delight and smother you with excited affections. Thoughtfulness goes a long way with me. If you want to pull out all the stops, getting me a ticket to Lazy Bear, Atelier Crenn, Atera, Single Thread or a similar restaurant makes me melt into a mushy puddle of delighted gratitude. I am also a passionate oenophile and love recieving your favorite wine (no bubbles if I am on tour though, please, as they are challenge to transport and I generally dislike Syrah, cooler vintage California Cabs or anything else with black olive notes). My current adorations lie with Ganevat’s “Vignes de Mon Pere,” and Vin Jaune, Vincent Dancer Chassagne Montrachat (2015), Chateau d’Yquem “Y” (2017) and Lopez de Heredia Tondonia Blanco (1981 is my favorite vintage thus far but the 2005 is also lovely if it has been stored properly). The way to my heart is absolutely through my palate.

Honestly though, the best gift is more time with you. There is nothing I am more passionate about than hedonism and living up to the bon vivant moniker, so you booking me for an evening in which we share many of life’s pleasures lets me know you are the kind of guy I adore. I would love to show you my favorite San Francisco or Oakland haunts!


Tour Dates:

Stockholm: February 16-20

NYC : March 9-15

CDMX : April 13-18

Milan : May 16-21

Deposit required for all meetings.


$1200/ 1.5 hrs

$1600/ 2 hrs

$2,000 / 3 hour drinks date (mezcal and makeouts?)

$2,400 /4 hour dinner date (must include 2 hours of social time)

$2,800/ 4 hrs without social time

$3,500 /clock free night on the town or daytime adventure

$4,500 O/N (14 hrs)

$6,000 24 hrs

$10,000 48 hrs

For travel beyond 48 hours, please contact me so we may discuss specifics.

I am based in the Bay Area, though I frequently visit LA, PDX, SEA, CHI, DC, NY and ATL and can fly to you for clock free dates or longer appointments. My assistant, Gina, is available to answer questions and take care of screening at which point she will pass you into my adoring arms.

I am availible to men, couples, women, gender queer cuties, trans-folk and anyone in between who is safe, hygienic and respectful. I never discriminate on the basis of race, gender, orientation, disability status etc.

Please leave consideration in large bills tucked in your favorite book or in plain view upon meeting and do not ruin the mood by mentioning it. My consideration is NOT negotiable.

Cancelation within 24hrs will result in a 50% fee due before any future booking.

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