Knowing who it is you're going to see before you see them is the best thing you can do to keep yourself out of harm's way and who doesn't want to stay out of harm's way! When making a decision to hook up with a new friend you want to make sure they are not only safe to meet in person but sane and not out to harm you physically, emotionally or any other tangible way. Especially if you will be meeting them in unfamiliar or strange surroundings like a hotel room or their home. Nothing can spoil your day, week or even year more then making arrangements to meet a potential new playmate and  finding out all too late that they are not who they say they are. It can range from a “phew” I dodged a bullet, to time spent in the emergency room or worse.

Ask your new friend if he has references or maybe there is someone he’s met before that you might know who will vouch for his safety and sanity. Ask him where he works. Ask him his real legal name. Yeah, internet handles are cute but knowing who someone is is more important then funny screen names or web handles. Remember on the internet anyone can say they are anyone and people will often lie. Being sure is so much better than being sorry.

Once they have given you the information you asked for, take the time to check it out. If they gave you references or vouches if you accept them, verify that they really did see those people and are not just handing out names like water to a man dying in the desert. If your new friend has given you his legal name, verify that the information is in fact the truth. If he says he works at Jay Z’s Pluming And Heating in San Diego, then find out if that is in fact where he works and that he's not just making stuff up and lying to you about who he really is. Don’t let the excitement of a new potential playmate and hot encounter cause you to lose your better judgment and put yourself at risk. Verify every single little thing. Verify it like you have OCD.

Don’t be afraid to ask for whatever info you need to feel safe and comfortable meeting a new friend. Your safety and comfort level as an escort is very important. How can you relax and have a good time if you think you might be walking into a scary situation? You can’t and anyone who wants to meet you should respect that and want you to be as comfortable as possible. If someone doesn't want to give you whatever information you ask for and need to feel safe meeting them for the first time, there is likely a very real reason why they don't want to give it to you. Like they are lying about who they are! You should cross that potential new friend off your list of possible new playmates. The sea of fish is very, very large and there is always a another new and exciting friend for you to meet around the corner. Another one always comes along and the right ones will give you whatever you need to feel safe meeting them. If someone doesn't respect you enough to help you feel comfortable meeting them then run don’t walk away. Do not pass go, do not collet 200 dollars. Set yourself up for successful encounters by asking for information and then checking out that information to make sure it's true.