We all need photos and it can be a really hard finding just the right photographer that will not only show us off in our best light but help us present ourselves in the way we want other people to see us. Photos are our calling cards and picking the right professional photographer is very important and it can be a really frustrating experience.

Lots of people say they are professional photographers but in reality they are often guys with cameras who are looking to take saucy sometimes naked pictures of girls and they don't have any professional training or actual talent. With the advent of the semi-pro digital camera it’s easier than ever for people to say they are photographers when in fact they are just perverts looking for a cheap thrill. Watch out for that guy - he's everywhere and he's cheap or many times he’s offering to shoot you for free. There’s temptation to use that guy because photos are expensive but don’t do it, it will be a decision you will regret, I can almost guarantee you that.

Do they have a website? They should and it should not be a free site like a Blogger or a Wordpress. It should be John Smith Photography dot com or something to that effect. They should own the domain. They will be charging you a good sum of money and should have a professional presence. A Facebook page and a Twitter handle are nice things for photographers to have to promote themselves, however those things are not a replacement for an actual professional website.

They should have a variety of styles and a variety of models in their portfolios. Anyone and I mean anyone can make a skinny beautiful model looking girl who never takes a bad picture look good in photos. It’s much harder to take normal looking women and turn them into hot sexy vixens looking to pounce in a striking photograph. Anyone you hire and pay your hard earned cash to should be the kind that can make you look hot and inviting no matter if you’re 5 foot tall or 6 foot tall, if if you are skinny as a rail or big, beautiful and curvy. A good photographer should be able to make you look your best no matter your body style.

Once you have identified a photographer you like and might want to hire, ask them some questions. Do they have references from other models or escorts? How long will the photo shoot take? How many photos should you expect out of your shoot? How long until you get your final photos?

References are something any professional photographer should be able to provide you upon request. Asking around about the photographer to your peers doesn't hurt either. Sometimes people will say backchannel things that will aid you in making the right decision. Even if someone takes the most wonderful pictures ever taken by anyone, if he's got a reputation for being mean or impatient with models during shoots or sexually inappropriate or showing up late when you need to be on a strict schedule, those are things you need to consider when laying out your hard earned cash. Some photographers can take months and months to get you your pictures and since photographers get paid up front, their incentive to finish off your job is low. They should be able to give you a reasonable time frame from which to expect to get your shots and you should have in writing how long that’s going to be.

Choosing the right professional photographer can be nerve racking, even for a VIP escort, but the effort you put in to it will be worth it when you have a set of beautiful sexy photos that really highlight your personality, style and show you off in the best possible light.