Trying two ladies for the first time? Do a double once a year? A lot of men enjoy the trend of doubles for diverse fantasy play. A fem with trans-fem? Caucasian and Asian escorts? One woman playfully tormenting the other in role play domination? An intimate visual show? Brightly colored big “toys”? Lovely ladies lingerie modeling? Bed wrestling? You want to have your cake and eat it too because it really can be fun to hang with your special one plus her BFF.

Special scenarios are best done once you have a rapport with a lady into that sort of kink, or by skilled cyber searching with very specific keywords. Stating what your desired outcome is may be awkward, though it is essential. If you want to see something genuine as opposed to a show - you must make sure the players are all willing to go there. If you want to distinctly know both of them - ask yourself if you can realistically do that, and be aware of the value in using safer sex standards. Double licking - though very tasty - can get sticky!

Yes - Two at one time involves some extra consideration when playing, though it can be seriously hardcore fun. So? Relax. Enjoy yourself. If you can't do everything imaginable, you can always watch the heavier play in a exotic film while having a lighter scene in real time.

Alcohol is generally not a good idea when having new friends meet for relaxation and play. If you want to indulge in wine, consider a glass an hour to be a fair amount. At least no more than two. Though it seems like a great ice breaker, even “light” alcohol can lead to unanticipated confusion, especially in a new situation with multiple female escorts involved.

Two ladies at once offer great options and fun orgasmic opportunities. So start at the beginning, and step up to new things as you all are comfortable! And maybe set a timer, because - seriously - an hour goes as fast as it comes!