Speaking as someone who has been on the receiving end of more than my fair share of such judgement, I would like to offer four counter arguments for you to consider the next time someone is criticizing you for your chosen work. The idea behind each of these is to turn the negative thoughts and opinions directed at you into more positive ways of viewing your work.

  1. If anyone ever accuses you of being weak or needing to exploit lonely men in order to make a living, don't bat an eye at it. My advice is to remember that you actually are quite the opposite of these things. You enjoy a level of independence that frightens most people, which is often why they react in this way. You provide companionship and intimacy for clients from all walks of life as an escort, not just lonely men who can't find someone to spend time with unless they are paying for it.
  2. Never listen to anyone who tells you that you are not earning a decent, respectable living as an independent escort. There will always be those who attempt to devalue your work and belittle your success. Remind them of the groups of people in this world who are truly making money in immoral trade, such as drug dealers or those involved in human trafficking.
  3. You will probably encounter a good number of people who assume you fall into the gold digger or uncaring stripper categories because of your work, which should be disregarded as nonsense. Just because you exchange your time and social talents for compensation does not automatically mean you are just out to take every man for all he is worth. The truth is, a lot of people who think this way are bitter because of a bad experience they have had with someone like this themselves and they label everyone as being the same when they share the slightest similarities. Shrug it off and don't waste your time worrying about it.
  4. An alarmingly high number of misinformed or downright ignorant people will insist that something must be "wrong" with you if you choose to work as an escort or pornstar. This misconception is as ridiculous as the others mentioned here, so take it with a grain of salt. Beyond rolling your eyes at those who suggest you must have been abused as a child or forced into your work by someone controlling, just remember that escorts come from all different backgrounds and just because you are one does not mean you can't be a perfectly balanced and level-headed individual.

At the end of the day, try not to put much weight into any criticisms you are dished out. This can be more of a challenge when judgement comes from those close to you, but do your best to stick with what you feel is right and don't compromise who you are for the sake of anyone else. You'll find that you are a much happier person if you can live life on your own terms.