Slixa is deeply and fundamentally invested in the diverse community we are privileged to serve. As a company, we are proud to be an industry leader in grants, donations, and cash awards targeted at sex-worker focused organizations.

While not all of our giving is made public (nor does it need to be), we are especially proud of the opportunities below, where we have been able to give something back to a community that is still so undeservedly underserved:


Slixa Gives Away $10,000 in Awards for Essays on the Impacts of FOSTA/SESTA

In the wake of the signing of the FOSTA-SESTA package into law, charitable giving and providing support for community based organizations, events, and initiatives were at the forefront of our minds here at Slixa.

In December of 2018 we issued our first ever call for entries on the subject of FOSTA-SESTA and were completely overwhelmed by the volume and quality of thoughtful responses we received. It was clear that this community is already profoundly aware of the damaging nature of these laws and well informed on their potential future ramifications.

Entrants were asked to submit comprehensive, well researched, in-depth essays focusing on FOSTA/SESTA, and how the legislation has legally, and politically impacted the community at large and service providers personally.


Slixa Matches Contributions to the Black Sex Worker Collective for the Month of March

For the month of March, any contributions made to the Black Sex Worker Collective were matched by (up to 1,000USD), with no strings attached. All readers had to do was share with us their proof of donation or confirmation number, and we matched that contribution, dollar for dollar.


Slixa Matches Contributions to Desiree Alliance for the Month of March

The Desiree Alliance is the organizing body behind what has historically been the largest US gathering for sex workers and sex worker rights activists, the Desiree Conference. Due to the implementation of FOSTA/SESTA last year, plans for what would have been their biggest conference yet were scrapped, out of fear of potentially putting participants at risk.

Slixa matched all contributions to their organization, dollar for dollar for the entire month of March.


Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit Sponsored by

This April it was our goal to help the Woodhull Freedom Foundation make their 10th annual Sexual Freedom Summit more inclusive and more accessible by more people than ever before. Through Slixa's funding of Woodhull's Community Access Fund, the Foundation was able to:

  • Provide Lodging to 16 SWOP-USA members
  • Offer Summit scholarships to 35 attendees
  • Facilitate ASL Interpretation at one full-day Summit Institute
A message from the CEO of


SWOP USA's December 17 Mini Grants Sponsored by Slixa

Slixa is proud to sponsor two of SWOP's December 17th Mini Grants, which are awarded to deserving groups looking to facilitate a local day of recognition on the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. If you are also able to contribute funds directly to SWOP USA to help their work, you can donate easily via PayPal or check directly through their site.


There is a long road ahead yet, and we see it as our duty to help where we can. We will continue to find ways to make meaningful contributions, elevate the voices of our advertisers and community members, and to be there when the dam finally breaks and workers of all kinds are allowed to do their jobs safe from violence, stigma, and shame.