Privacy and Security

Slixa’s overall philosophy from the beginning has been that the right to privacy is a basic human right, no different from your rights to freedom, dignity, or equality. We use this philosophy when making policy decisions that result in a broad range of privacy benefits to you. However, much of this happens behind the scenes and you might not be aware of the lengths we go to in order to keep your data safe.

To help address that today and in the future, we’ve created an important non-legalese (layperson’s speak) page explaining how we handle your privacy and what we do to keep your data secure. We highly recommend taking a moment to read it, and would love to hear your feedback.

Advertising on Slixa

We firmly believe you have the right to advertise the way you wish and should not have to conform to a cookie-cutter approach and rigid rules set by your advertising website. Slixa’s credit system was designed with that in mind. Your credit balance is like a bank account balance, allowing you to use your credits any way you wish.

Slixa offers the most flexible ads in the industry. Run your ads for a single day*, or set them to renew forever. Our "pause and resume" feature allows you to remove ads from the site without deleting the ad and forfeiting your purchase. Slixa puts you in control of your advertising - you’ll never pay for an ad you’re not using.

Your Slixa credits never expire. If you take a break, your credits will be waiting for you when you return, even months later.

Slixa visiting ads have no minimum time frame  - you can run a visiting ad for a single day if you’re only in town for a night.

* In order to encourage high quality profiles, we do require a minimum credit purchase. Once your credits have been purchased, you can run ads for any length of time.

Payment Options

Slixa offers the following payment options:

  1. All standard credit and debit cards
  2. Non US based Pre-paid cards

Answers to questions you can't find in the Slixa FAQ? Contact us directly via email, phone, or live chat.