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+Decadent and devilish. A million experiences in one curvy Goddess.

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“It does not become me to make less of myself than I am” Maya Angelou

An enigma wrapped in decadent curves, Madeleine is a million women in one. Educated and approachable. Dominant and Submissive. Experienced and tender. You believe it is not possible to find everything you want in one woman, but that is simply because you haven’t met Madeleine.
She’s an ever-adapting untamed animal. She’s hard to pin down, but adores it when you try. If she drives you wild and runs you ragged, chase harder. The prize is worthwhile and waiting to be won for those that do.
She can be just as comfortable discussing this morning’s news as she is gliding into in a black tie event. She wears her skinny jeans, low heels and holds a crowd with her charm whilst in low-key dates like the requisite discreet professional you deserve.
She can destroy and delight you with a round of Hold ‘Em at a casino and hypnotize you completely with her charm and kindness. She can bend your mind and will to be completely at her mercy. Tantalizing you for hours at her own amused pace until you offer up your very soul in exchange for her touch. Conversely, she submits with grace, ease and authenticity. A woman that likes to impress and obey you. Lavishing in the attention you honour her with. An eager mind and figure that though not meek, is compelling in her choice to kneel.

The Look

Madeleine Moore is a 5'7", curvy, 29 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Hand made leather work. Prosecco. Fine japanese cuisine. Shibari. 3 piece suits. Spanking. Chastity. Politics. Comedy. Ballet. Fetish. Travel. Kissing. Pinot Noir.


I am available for outcalls in and around London with a lot of flexibility. I offer hosting at incalls in North or Central London a couple of times a month. I prefer people to contact me with their preffered dates, times and durations for our date. I hope you will at least send one other woman’s name that I can use as a reference, and if not a small deposit and provable details of where you are staying.

I work across all 7 days and am happy with short and long bookings at most times of day and night. Outcalls between 10pm and 8am must be a minmum of 2 hours.

My significant preference for first contact is an email, and then I would want us to speak on the phone before meeting. This ensures we both have the same expectations and excitment for our connection.

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