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If you can’t behave…be safe.

I’m Jennifer…you can call me Jenni.

At a slender 5ft7 my delicate, pale skin is bare and whilst my looks are natural, with minimal makeup and naturally long, thick, silky hair, I hide a slightly edgy side with a few discretely hidden piercings.

I’m in my twenties and have enjoyed many years of building authentic relationships with my clients, many of whom I consider dear friends.

I often fondly look back at when I first started in the industry and see how much I’ve changed. I then look forward and see how much more there is to explore still. The people I’ve met have helped me grow and I’m delighted to have been able to share such incredible experiences with them.

Being a part time venture, it allows me the physical and emotional energy to fully enjoy our time together. Be it an hour or a weekend, we’ll be lost in each other’s company. I relish at the thought of you letting me indulge in your kinks, especially the more niche.

The Look

Jenni Breene is a 5'8", all natural, 27 year old caucasian woman with medium length auburn hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and TV/TS.


My life is full of peregrinations and as such I have to organise my days well in advance.

If my website and twitter have tickled your fancy and you’d like to meet, please send me an email/text/fill out the contact form on my website with the following basic information;

1. Date/time/location & duration of the date.

2. A little about yourself, including your age.

3. Details of what you’re looking for from a date.

Unfortunately I’m one of those afflicted with phone anxiety so phonecalls are not something I can offer unless you’re happy to listen to me ramble. The written word can reveal as much about a person as a face to face conversation and hopefully the first will prelude the latter.

I do have a strong soft spot for those over 40 (silver foxes step this way) but as long as you’re polite, mature, respectful and are able to communicate clearly, I may consider a younger date. Other than that I have no restrictions for any other qualities you may have.

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