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I offer an experience that is unique, and the healing I provide will change your life.”


Are you ready to bring magic back into your life? Have you been waiting for an enlightened love to come your way? I offer a superior kind of companionship. I’m a lovely Lady, who specializes in healing, Magic, and Tender Care.

I’m Cameo Knightley (aka Flora Faun), a bewitching muse; an enchanting dear, who exudes charm, class, flamboyance, and romantic energy. A legendary woman who is the ultimate in Magical Experiences. I’ve travelled the world, and studied with mentors, and have embraced my desire and ability to make people happy. I’m unique, and looking for an authentic moment with you. If you’re a loving and kind gentleman, then you’ll love how I match your energy.

I’m a classic and exotic beauty; a violet-eyed charmer with delicious sweetness. I offer hospitality, with a splash of creativity. My world is absorbed in passion ~ Passionate… I am true to myself, therefore I am true to you.

I have Light Blond hair, styled in a Classic Hollywood way; a pretty sweet voice, long dark eye lashes. Satin skin with a few freckles that love to be kissed. I have the most beautiful luscious red lips - full, soft, and swollen, perhaps from kissing too many honey bees. I’m organic, healthy, and happy. I energize my body with hiking, yoga and dance. A sylph with long graceful legs, all natural breasts, broad shoulders, pretty feet and hands, and a face with beautiful European features. I have a classic beauty and exude glamor and charm. My figure can be classified as “A nice lean and strong hiker’s Body.” I’m always outside hiking in the mountains… My personality is sweet and accommodating. If you know Irish Hospitality, you’ll know that I love to give.

I cater for those who are looking for a lady unlike any other. One who does not rush a beautiful experience. And will savor being with a wise, creative person; a versatile, discreet, patient and kind women, who is very affectionate. If you want to feel a genuine connection, then I’ll be perfect for you. Welcome to my world. The world of the most genuine Cameo

I offer a True Experience, along with many healing options. I’m a Muse, Artist and Healer. A nutritionist, Love Advocate, Intuitive, and energy worker. I specialize in Men’s health, and I even make my own natural Lubricants, Hair Growth Formulas for men, and Love Cookies and Teas for you to enjoy while we visit. Dates include a therapeutic massage and healing work if requested. If you’re looking for a healing, magical, and authentic experience, then I’m the muse for you.

Some complimentary things I can offer during our date:

Massage therapy & Body treatments from India
Native American Smudging to cleanse and protect
Herbal drinks, elixers, healing foods & snacks
Reiki (Reiki Master)
Personalized perfumes, oils, and tonics for men
Chakra Alignment (Specializing in Root Chakra balancing, which treats male issues)
Nutritional & Dietary support, Earthing, Energy Cord Cutting, Herbal Medicine, Alchemy
Treating male issues with natural remedies

Wherever you are, it’s worth your time to see me. I offer an experience that is unique, and the healing I provide will change your life.

Shall we meet? You’ve finally found your perfect companion. Email me at to set up a date.

Lots of Love, Cameo Knightley - The Love Guru

The Look

Cameo Knightley is a 5'6", slender, 35 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Hiking, Hugging Trees, Bird Watching, Dancing, Healing, Laughing


Please read through my website to find details on dates.

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