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Khloé Karl

+London’s alluring Agent Provocateur!

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Good Girl Gone Bad!

Hello You! Let me introduce myself: I am Khloé Karl, London’s unapologetically tantalising femme fatale. A true good girl gone bad with a pair of not-so-innocent green eyes! Some people might say that I am slinky, intriguing and disastrously beautiful, others will think that I am the funniest geek they’ve ever met. Either way, I am pretty sure you’re already wondering from which perspective you’ll be looking at those eyes that night!

My weapons for our mission will be simple: a toned curvy silhouette, silky brown hair, and a perky décolleté that will surely drive you out of your mind. But there is more than just the beautiful and the feminine! My mind is like the dry gin in your glass — crystal clear, but very intoxicating! I am well-educated, a great conversationalist, and known for my charismatic laid-back personality.

And you – you are looking for the very special je ne sais quoi. You’re here because you’re searching for a woman who knows who she is and gets what she wants, all while embracing her intuitive sensuality and divine femininity. You want a woman who knows the power of unapologetic persuasation — someone who, after far too long, will make you weak in the knees again.

The Look

Khloé Karl is a 5'10" 26 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


Imagine someone who likes simple pleasures like freshly baked bread and butter, going for a walk with a coffee in the sunshine, someone who thinks a cushion fight is more relaxing than any yoga retreats, and gets overly excited about a new episode on Netflix.

But then she’s also into overly complicated things. Things like investing in blue chips and reading about neuroscience, remembering the lyrics of every Lana del Rey song in existence, or cooking recipes like khoresh fesenjan.

My interests reach to the moon and back, and they will entertain you better than any movie. And no, I am not Jay Gatsby, I promise! But maybe something in between the girl that adores hugs and kisses on her forehead, right after she convinced you to go and see a burlesque show. And god, I love having fun — and am often told my enthusiasm for life is very intoxicating!


To avoid disappointment, pre-booking of minimum 24-48 hours in advance is recommended. I have a very strong belief in reciprocal discretion and will never share personal information with a third party expecting that you do the same.

​You’ve read all about me and now it’s my turn to learn about you. Please simply fill out the booking form on my website. This is the easiest and most appropriate way to contact me.

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