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Elle Faustus Cydona

+Dominance that you have grasped for, now at your fingertips.

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Actions must align with words. Coveting must align with ardor.

My rules are rather simple. I am always in charge.

I am a woman who doesn’t seek out what she wants. What I want merely finds me because they lack structure, effort and affection in the most chastising way. You can feel and see that you will get that from me.

I have a presence that cannot be ignored. Confidence and esteem so high no one can touch it. You absolutely love that in a woman. That’s why you have found me. Your dream.

What I am is your submissive heart’s dream come true. Charming, intelligent, Superior. Whips and chains aren’t always needed to send you into a vortex you’ll never want to escape from. I am a Soul Keeper. A woman who shows you where you surely belong while you are with me. Undisclosed yet you’ll want to shout to the roof tops about me.

Coveting to be used. To be held. To be heard.

Find me. Dive in.

The Look

Elle Faustus Cydona is a 5'5", bbw ebony / latina woman with medium length hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, and Female.


I absolutely enjoy the outdoors. I’ve lived in many cities but nothing has compared to waking up near a beautiful lake and watching the sun rise every day. My favorite gifts are almost always lake or water related in general which I love.

The arts, baking and literature are three large components in my life. I can’t have one without the other two in some form. A goal of mine is to visit each states art and science Museum. It would be an absolutely amazing experience.


My expectations are rather straight forward: respect boundaries.

My availability during the week is open as long as I don’t make an announcement stating otherwise.

Nothing out of the ordinary in our conversations while getting to know one another. All conversation must happen before Midnight during the week unless we have scheduled to speak after then. Rare but it may happen.

I require at least 48-56 hours for bookings. Nothing less. It is my time that is precious and should be kept in mind.

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