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“The way to find out about our place in the universe is by examining the universe and by examining ourselves without preconceptions, with as unbiased a mind as we can muster.”
― Carl Sagan

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Where do I start…?

I’m a PNW girl; I used to refer to myself as a yankee, but that’s not entirely accurate. While I have deep ties to the east coast, I actually grew up in the lush, Pacific Northwest on a farm and horse ranch, no less and made my pilgrimage to Austin just over a decade ago. (12 years in this magical city, I’m two-shades shy of a local almost.) I spent most of my formative years in pointe shoes and lounging on tree branches, my nose nestled in a book. I love to learn and dedicated my 20s to chasing higher education the fruit of which has secured me with two undergraduate degrees and one graduate degree.

I believe love & respect come from within; through intention and nourishment of my mind, body, and spirit. One of my favorite pleasures in meeting you is sharing that energetic spark which fuels my curiosity and compels me to show up in the experience of life. I want to savor the moments spent breathing; because the world is wild, full of wonderment, and I long to get lost chasing all that magic.

A true hedonist at heart, I crave pleasure and affection in addition to intellectual stimulation. I believe eye contact is the most sincere way to actively listen and my favorite place to get lost is in conversation. I laugh easily and often, and I’m a sucker for witty banter. I’m playful and affectionate, and am often described as outgoing, free-spirited, and full of life.

An attractive brunette with a devilish smile, I’m more than just another pretty girl; I’m smart, I’m ambitious, and I’m driven. My bright green eyes may captivate you and my trim, feminine physique will certainly entice you however, it’s my heart and my mind you’ll remember, and the way I make you feel you’ll never forget.

If you prefer the company of intelligent, wild-hearted women with a thirst for life and if you crave an experience you can sink into, and savor then come with me, darling. I know just the place.

The Look

Kate Kennedy is a 5'6", slender, 34 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I’m a voracious reader & love spending nowhere-to-be-afternoons in the company of great (or even ‘okay’) literature. I have a deep affection for Fitzgerald, Vonnegut & Cormac McCarthy, and my heart-on for Hemingway is both cliche & crushing, as I feel his poignant precision of prose is absolute mastery. He was a maverick and perhaps literature’s last; like the beat writers Kerouac, Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs who liberated my quick-to-question, answer-seeking curiosity and philosopher Alan Watts, who remains my most visited and revisited author and lecturer. I love writers who encourage their readers to think for themselves, and who pursue curiosity with an endless, robust and shameless supply of questions. Which is why Chuck Klosterman remains my modern favorite. His long-winded, yet succinct monologues fold fact into fiction like everyone you know, who’s ever retold a time-old-tale-turned-nostalgic anecdote but better.


Booking Screening can be completed on my website.

Is geography between us? Put me on a plane! I would love to visit your city and am easily coaxed into travel. Perk: you have the pleasure of a girlfriend private yoga teacher wrapped in one! I invite you to view the Fly-Me-to-You options on my website.

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