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+Whip-smart, irreverent, all-around date-able babe.

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Well-rounded, from my broad set of interests to my generous hips.

When we meet meet up I’ll introduce myself as Asa, and that’s pretty much the beginning and end of my “persona.”

I have no interest in being someone else. And anyway, it would be a great challenge to feign a personality more compelling (and, dare I say, charming) than I’m told I am.

It works in your favor as well. I rank highly in extroversion, so you can be sure that I will also find you compelling. In fact, that’s why I’m working so hard on this blurb, carefully selecting each word. I’m trying to capture your attention, because I also want to meet you!

I can’t promise you that I’ll conform to your expectations. I certainly can’t promise that you’ll like me (and you can bet that someone promising that could hardly be operating with any more authenticity than a chat bot). But I can guarantee that you’ll leave feeling like you connected, deeply, to someone real.

The Look

Asa Blackwood is a 5'10", curvy, all natural, 26 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


I’m a lady of many interests and a sponge for art of all kinds, including the stuff that causes one to wonder, “Is this really art?” Especially that kind, actually.

I’m a fan of constructive arguments, and I love to verbally spar. Trading strong opinions over strong coffee is how all the best dates begin.

It is my firm belief that one can never have too many books, and I love going to book stores and lingering in the poetry section, running my hands along the rows and making meaningful eye contact with anyone around.

Kissing, puzzles, belly laughs, camping, live music, cooking with expensive ingredients, introspection, international travel, and being the center of attention are all things that are near and dear to my heart. Providing me with any of my favorite things is likely to get you added to that list.


Think of our time together like a mini vacation: It’s something look forward to, way better if planned in advance, and pretty much limited to evenings and weekends. I’m happy to meet in Portland, and I offer fly-me-to-you dates as well.

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I encourage you to include at least two references in your email, but if this is not possible, there are other ways we can arrange a meeting. More options are available with this secure contact form.

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