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Chemistry is not always an immediate thing. When two people can talk, laugh and share…that chemistry between the two can be unleashed

I love making real connections ! I think that chemistry is not always an immediate thing (although sometimes it is). When two people can talk, laugh and share…that chemistry between the two can be unleashed…and now you’ve got yourself a very interesting thing going ! This only happens when people put a little effort into what they are doing.

I like to sit and chat when I first meet someone. “The Get to Know Each Other” Stage is a very important part of a relationship. Meeting someone new can be awkard and uncomfortable without this. I feel that if we can slow the pace of the day to just enjoy some good company, it lays the groundwork to a better relationship.

If you are shy, well…its ok ! I won’t rush anyone through this process of opening up and sharing. I am a dominant, extroverted female so am very good at helping you open up about yourself, your likes and dislikes and at your pace. Girls sometimes mistake a man’s shyness as lack of personality, so let me help you become more social and work on that conversational artistry.

My name is Christina. I’m a 48yo single, white female ! I’m 5’8” and weigh about 140lbs. I’m a natural 38DD. I take great care of my body, I exercise and eat right (most of the time). I love getting dressed up and will always be perfectly groomed ! My hands and feet are always perfectly manicured. I will be dolled up every time I’m up for company !

I am a multi-faceted female! I have many many layers !

I love being a dominant and have experience in most things considered not main stream. I’m very much in touch with my body and those layers of me get unlocked as I get to know someone better. I love hearing about people’s dreams and things they are curious about ! Maybe there are layers of themselves that can be unlocked as well. No, this is not an invitation for anyone to write me a lengthy text or email with a list of things they’ve heard about or read to see what my thoughts are on it. I prefer that to be part of a conversation between two friends, over a cup of coffee or glass of wine !

Please read my personal site, so that you can understand my full philosophy on this. All my details are there

The Look

Christina Sweets is a 5'8", slender caucasian woman in her late 40's with shoulder length brunette hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, and Couples.


I’m a great cook and just love cooking ! I’m never opposed to feeding my guests.

I’ve always been a people person and nuturing is just part of my DNA.

But, I’m a bit of a chameleon. I can adjust myself well to the company I keep. Its a well mastered art form that comes from years of experience with a variety of interesting characters in my life.


When communicating with me, keep it clean, respectful. I don’t respond well to vulgar questions. Initial contact should always be respectful.

I host. Private. I’m live about 20 minutes South of Greensboro. No exact location will be given prior to appt time.

No Outcall

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