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+Enchdantment, Magic and Adventure are 3 of the gifts I wish to give to you!

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Between two evils, I’ll always pick the one I haven’t tried! : Mae West

My name is Sabrina and it’s true I have magical powers! Spend time with me and I will take you to another dimension. Experience something other than the ordinary. I will show you magic, creating memories you’ll never forget! However, I must warn you to be cautious, those who experience me, often become spellbound and bewitched by my compelling charm but then again…Everyone deserves a little magic in their life. Don’t you? I am the kind of girl who still believes in Magic and Love! Like a diamond-I have many facets. I am classy, sensual, entertaining and wild: all in one package! In my adventures I have been blessed to meet many unforgettable gentleman. Some I have learned from, some I have taught, and most have touched my heart. I am that magic girl that you’ll always remember…with a smile. I promise you! Lets spend a few moments or perhaps a trip out of town to escape. We could have a some afternoon conversation or a candlelight dinner.

All my Love, Sabrina

The Look

Sabrina Charm is a 5'3", curvy, all natural asian woman in her early 40's with long black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


You can always find me on a stage somewhere. I am involved in the creative arts. I’m a belly dancer, as well as an Hawaiian dancer. I’m also a vocalist who often sings in a band. I like to stay active and love travel and swimming. My Heart will be yours if you take me on a beach.

I am a people pleaser and I shine when people love me. My astrology sign is Leo sun and Leo moon. I am flamboyant and loyal. This theatrical fire sign is known for their passionate extravagance, enterprising creativity, and cinematic romances. I am truly a Leo!

I believe in living in the moment and enjoying individuals you may meet on your journey, for each person is a treasure to appreciate.

I love trying and experiencing new things. I love different cuisines, and am always up for skydiving or giving surfing a try. However, I am a versatile girl and also love wine, music and quiet evenings at home.


As a professional companion, my hourly rate is 400. Overnites 1200 and out of town trip rates will vary depending on many variables. I also request references and an hour and a half advance appt. are appreciated but not absolutely necessary. Initially, please text, but we will talk to confirm-of course. If I am unable to respond immediately, I usually leave a timeframe on my answering machine. You may also request an appt and time slot on my website.

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