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Jennie Kennedy

+Paradoxically Your Ideal Girlfriend & Perfect Aphrodisiac…

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Does she or doesn’t she? Only her clients know…

Your ruthless sense of ambition has taken you to immense lengths, yet perhaps you’re plagued by a nagging boredom. Is this all there is?

Then the universe fates for your path to cross with that dream girl whose confident fragility, hedonistic playfulness, and sense of life leave a lasting impression. Her compelling curves and sultry, signature scent create a heightened escape into an exotic dream world.

During our adventurous affairs, the promise of more lingers in the air. Perhaps you are ready for a deeper level of pleasure & excitement, a complete emancipation from the limitations of life.

Our adventures take us to exotic, secluded destinations filled with fervor and mystery. As you show me the world and vicariously experience my excitement for life, the essence of my femininity showers you with sensuous appreciation. Hours fly as our chemistry unfolds with the spice typically reserved for new sweethearts and old friends.

Where shall we stamp our passport first?


The Look

Jennie Kennedy is a 5'3", athletic, 27 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


I am Most Receptive to These Traits:

Self Awareness




Goal Oriented

Excitement for Learning


Brief Encounters

1 | demimondaine: 800
1.5 | joie de vivre : 1000
2 | sweetheart getaway: 1300
3 | consider your heart captured: 1500
4 | tantric scriptures: 2000
6 | empress of excitement: 3000

Lengthy Affairs
12 | sunset to sunrise: 5000
24 | secret agent escape: 8k
2 Days | charisma, fire, charms of character: 13k
Weekend | love spell cocktail: 15k
Week | arts of exotic conquest: 33k
Exclusivity| Established clients only, 3mth minimum: Begins at 40k/mth

Contact Info