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+Mystically Wild-Eyed, Masterfully Tattooed, Intelligent & Educated

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Premier stimulation…

I love stimulating conversation, expanding my perspectives, standing in awe of beauty, and pushing limits. I understand and embrace our natural curiosities and the need to explore, dominate, and submit to the natural flow of life. Time spent with me offers a safe and open environment to create and explore the experiences of connection we desire and deeply crave.


My #1 value is freedom.

I also highly value academia and our spiritual evolution as a species. I love deep conversation around higher levels of consciousness and awareness. I work constantly to develop these in myself. My gift lies in helping others heal: moving beyond areas they may feel stuck, and exploring areas about which they are curious. The pace and methods in which my talents are applied are created in tandem with my client.

I primitive backpack (mostly in West TX) as a hobby and have a significant connection with animals and nature. I am an 8-yr USAF veteran, an excellent horsewoman, an avid Ashtanga yogi, a teacher of meditation and the psychology of Yoga, and a writer. I graduated with honors for my undergrad degree in psychology and am currently pursuing my advanced degrees.

I love to read classic literature and despise television. Although, I love movies and Netflix… I adore nature, particularly rivers, oceans, and mountains. Solitude is my favorite ambiance of respite, and a companion valuing the same always makes it better.

I take exceptional care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My life is one of balance and disciplines/practices necessary to provide the uniquely open, positive, and accepting space I provide my clients.


Please go light, if at all, on the cologne. I’m highly sensitive to synthetic fragrances.

Please do not become drunk when with me.

Please consider your finger and toenail hygiene, as it distracts me to wonder where your head is at with all of that ;).

I have sensitive skin on both my face and decollate, for this reason, please refrain from touching my face and be aware of brutal 5 o’clock shadows. Kisses on the neck are adored, however.