A Little More Conversation: Chatting With Your Escort

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As a professional companion, I allow new acquaintances exactly three questions about my line of work, lest picnics devolve into tedious games of twenty questions and discussion of the (rather boring, honestly!) minutiae that make up the life of an adult entertainer. One of these questions is, invariably, “What’s the weirdest/freakiest/most surprising thing you’ve done at work?” And to this, my answer is always that sometimes, I never even remove my clothes.

The first time I was engaged for an outside-the-bedroom-only date, I was a little confused. The gentleman in question seemed quite sweet, and his references confirmed his request: he had taken every one of them out dancing, behaved like an absolute gentleman, paid their full rate, and sent them home at the end of the evening without so much as a hint of further activity! Since then, however, I’ve entertained more and more gentlemen who simply want to be in the adoring company of an attractive woman for a little while, with no physical expectations or demands.

As I’m sure you’ve seen, many upscale companions make a point of advertising their skills as escorts to dinner dates, parties, business events, and the like, and escorting, of course, is the completely legal profession in which many of us engage. But, as many disclaimers emphatically point out, adults are quite likely to do whatever they wish in private, and many companions do spend most of their time with clients behind closed doors.

These chaste appointments, usually no steamier than a high school movie date, have opened my eyes to the predicament of single men. Especially in the stressful startup culture of Silicon Valley, they have very little time to spend at home, and certainly even less of their day is spent with female company. Relaxing on the couch, with a nice girl stroking their hair, seems to be the male equivalent of a day spa. By hiring a provider, they take advantage of the dependable privacy and safety of professional companionship, and often open up to me more deeply than my own friends.

Loneliness and stress are far from the only reasons to hire a companion, of course! Many men have sweet and harmless nonsexual fetishes, and while opening up about them to a date may be nervewracking, a kink-friendly courtesan will happily indulge a variety of interesting quirks. And of course, it will always feel amazing to be out in public, with a beautiful, witty, and charming woman on your arm. Hiring a companion as a tour guide in her home city will most likely leave you with a very memorable impression, and most of us also love the arts and would love to accompany you to a museum, gallery, symphony, or lecture.

In short, don’t let our lovely physical features and erotic skills distract you completely. Take some time to enjoy the fruits of a companion’s mind, or her fingers soothingly stroking your scalp, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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