Despite all my years of toy-centric sex, I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to g-spot wands. A steady fan of the brilliant, yet economical Butterfly Kiss waterproof vibrator from Good Vibrations (a steal at only $18), I had rarely ventured forth outside of the world of vibratory stimulation. As a particular switch with a taste for soft vibration and g-spot stimulation, I like my toys to wear several hats at once.

However, when the njoy Fun Wand double-ended steel dildo arrived in my mailbox, just in time for my romantic birthday weekend with my boo, I took it as a sexy sign from the universe that it was time to change my ways and allow new toys to become part of my repertoire. “Oh, you’ll love it!” A friend told me over the phone as I was packing. “It’s one of the few toys where I can make myself squirt!” Despite my reservations about they toy’s sleek, cold steel appearance and general heft, I was intrigued.

I couldn’t have been more joyously proven wrong. The toy, which is so aerodynamically designed and sleekly assembled that it looks like a space dildo, features a soft, curving head perfect for reaching that one special spot. The angle of the bulb is perfect for the varying locations of vaginal sensitivities, and the width of the toy is perfect for holding (both on yourself and on other people). The weight of the toy, as well as the surgical aesthetic, make it perfect for medical role-playing, as well as providing easy clean up and aftercare. Along with the g-spot bulb, the wand can be turned around, as the graduated bulbs on the other end make for a stimulating anal toy. The Fun Wand comes in a gorgeous hard box with pink satin lining, which suits the elegance of the design, and pleased my inner dildo-princess greatly.

The wand, which retails at $79.99 (a good price considering the materials, quality, and consistently beautiful designs of the njoy products), is the perfect gift to give to the g-spot loving folks in your life including all those lovely Las Vegas Escorts. And though I write this on the colonialist and problematic holiday of Columbus Day, I can’t help but feel as though my explorations into the world of steel-dildo wand play may have lead me to a magical and unknown aspect of the wand that will definitely have me reaching for it every time I need a little solo time: the graduated bulbs on the end may have been designed for anal play, but the upper-most sphere is located at exactly the perfect spot for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. Watch out, conquistadors! July Westhale has discovered (truly) virgin land! What a lark for me to uncover as I was preparing to dismiss the Fun Wand as another toy I couldn’t get down with. An entirely different device than the Butterfly Kiss, the sleekness of the Fun Wand allowed me to wield the toy in such a way that allowed for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation. The result was unexpected, enthralling, and game-changing.

Apart from being beautifully designed, fun to handle, and duplicitously stimulating, the Fun Wand has one more twist up its sleeve: the steel material of the dildo allows for a plethora of conductive fun: the wand can be gently cooled or heated to bring new sensations into the bedroom. A cooler wand will thrill and titillate, a warmer wand will relax and soothe. The non-porous materials means that the toy is easy to clean and sterilize, and a little product (lube, tingling cream, etc) will go a long way, saving you money and mess.

Of course, not everyone likes metal on or in their junk. Akin to being fucked with a large tongue-ring, the effect of the Fun Wand can, at times, feel impersonal, sterile, and medical, and if you aren’t playing a scene in which those are sexy, then the end result is not hot. However, if that is not something you find hot, there are plenty of other g spot wands on the market.

I don’t often like to admit that I’m wrong, but here I’ll concede: the Njoy Fun Wand is not only a gorgeous toy to play with, it also covers many, many bases. I have a feeling that this toy is something I will continue to be satisfied with for years to come, and to recommend to my friends.

*Disclaimer: I received this toy independently, with no compensation from Njoy or affiliated sex toy stores. The views expressed in this review are truly my own, based on my experiences with the wand.