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Whitney Carrington

+I share your sentimental taste…

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If you appreciate depth coupled with unbridled affections, you are not alone. I too share your sentiments.

I am glad you’ve found me. Thank you for your interest in learning more about me. If you appreciate depth coupled with unbridled endearment, you are not alone. I too share your sentiments…

That same keenness for passion has led me to become a life-long scholar of the arts. As a sophisticated creative in my civvy life and a personal companion all encounters are impassioned and I feel fortunate.

I am one of few coveted for tales coming from humble beginnings, having grown accustomed to finer ways and things… It all began with a pair of affluent eyes seeing the beauty to me and uncommon promise. Although, it’s become rather customary for me to be dressed in upheld names, or casually dined at a swanky restaurant, or flown out to some far off exotic location, or have the means and purpose to give back to a cause dear to heart, and to be courted by the elite gentleman who knows no other way than to handsomely care; I appreciate it all.

I value the company of the gentleman who seeks authenticity and values meaningful pleasures. Whilst our time together may seem temporary, just as fine art, they are timeless.

Till we’re in touch,
Whitney Carrington

1 Hour / Charmed / $500

1.5 Hours / A Proper Introduction / $700

2 Hours / A Lasting Impression / $1000

3 to 4 Hours / Wine & Dine / $2000

12 to 14 Hours / Stay The Night / $4000

24 Hours / What A Difference A Day Makes / $7000

48 Hours / What A Difference A Couple Days Make / $10000

Outcall date, add $100 taking care of my transportation expenses to and from you.

Fly-me-to-you date 3 hours minimum and travel expenses.

The Look

Whitney Carrington is a 5', curvy, 24 year old ebony woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


You, Art, Sensuality, Beauty, Theology, Reading & Writing, Linguistics, Theater, Health & Wellness, Tennis, Motor Racing


I accept appointments day to day from 11am to 11pm. I always recommend booking your appointment in advance. This ensures all screening and deposit can be resolved in a timely manner.

Currently based in New York City & Stamford & Washington, D.C. & Boston. Available internationally via fly-me-to-you. Please refer to my touring schedule for dates I am away.

I am selective and discerning with whom I choose to spend time with. Please take your time and introduce yourself to me properly. Your initial communication with me, is my first impression of you. Thank you, for your understanding.

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