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Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city and one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, and cultural hubs. In fact, Barcelona is known arguably the mecca of culture in Spain and some would argue it is the best place to visit in all of Europe for its’ rich history and culture.

Despite Barcelona’s reputation as a cultural hub, it is also one of the best cities for nightlife in all of Europe. Barcelona may be a culture hub by day, but come night Barcelona transforms itself into a party city.

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Whether you’re in town for business or just looking to party in Barcelona, you may find yourself in need of some companionship at some point or another. If you are looking for someone to accompany you for an evening, then we recommend you hire one of the beautiful escorts in Barcelona.

There are several escort agencies in the Barcelona area that can match you with an escort of your particular liking. You and your escort can spend your time together talking, drinking, and dining at one of Barcelona’s fine establishments.

Barcelona is a huge city and it can feel overwhelming at times. If you’re looking for some company that will truly try to make your time together as enjoyable as possible for you or give you that intimate companionship you need, then hiring an escort in Barcelona makes a lot of sense.

Nightlife in Barcelona

Opium Barcelona: You can’t mention nightlife in Barcelona without mentioning Opium Barcelona. Located right on the coast, Opium Barcelona is one of Barcelona’s hottest nightclubs and a must-visit if you’re in Barcelona.

If you decide to attend Opium Barcelona, you better dress to impress. The ambiance is very trendy and stylish and the dress code is described as “dressy.” The crowd itself is always energetic, young, and attractive, so going with a group of friends is always a good time.

The music itself is your typical club-style music and the visuals and décor inside are typically what you’d find in a club. However, what aren’t ordinary are the DJs that play at Opium Barcelona on a frequent basis. Some of the most well renowned DJs in the world play at Opium quite frequently, which means you can be pretty sure that you’re going to listen to some of the hottest tracks – even on a Tuesday.

Overall, Opium is definitely one of the best spots spend a night in Barcelona. The music is incredible, there are several bars to get drinks from, and you’ll find the entire experience incredible. Opium is rated as one of Barcelona’s best clubs for a reason and you’ll realize why as soon as you walk in.

Shoko: By day Shoko, is an upscale Asian restaurant by the beach featuring authentic Asian cuisine and high quality Spanish-inspired cocktails. By night however, Shoko transforms itself into a stylish and energized nightclub full of Barcelona’s youth looking to party the night away.

Shoko itself is a fairly large complex with premium outdoor seating for when you need to cool off or if you just want to hang out enjoying the beautiful Barcelona weather. You’ll be able to your favorite drinks at several of the bars located throughout Shoko and the service is typically quick, despite the large volume of people.

Although Shoko does not necessarily attract as many world-class DJs as Opium, the music quality is still excellent. You’ll find typical club music with a variety of hits, house, and EDM played throughout the night. The DJs may not be world-class but the music will still keep you moving all night long. Shoko is an excellent nightlife destination and it is also a great place to get food.

Sala Razzmatazz: Sala Razzmatazz is a true nightclub in the sense that the space is massive and there’s more room to dance than to lounge or relax. The dress code is lax, although you shouldn’t dress like a bum. Expect to pay a pretty hefty cover charge as well, although that comes with a free drink.

On the weekends, there are additional rooms at Sala that each play their own different type of music. There’s also a balcony to cool off and sit down on bleachers when the crowd becomes too much to handle or if you get too hot.

As far as the crowd is considered, Opium definitely attracts more tourists, whereas Sala Razzmatazz attracts a nice blend of both tourists and locals. You’ll find that there is ample space to move and get a drink if you get there earlier, although come 2-3am, the club becomes packed and it can be difficult to get drinks. Many locals recommend going to one or two of the nearby bars to get a buzz going on.

If you want the true club experience, then you’ll want to go to Sala Razmatazz. The club is always full of young, attractive tourists and locals and the music is top-notch. Drinks may be pricey but the environment more than makes up for it.