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+Milky Skin and Honeyed Hair // San Diego

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Life has offered you so many experiences, but none of them have been quite like knowing me

I imagine that you’ll see my face – my ocean blue eyes inquisitive and welcoming, my long silky tawny hair, a smirk slipping into a rambunctious grin – our eyes will meet, and we’ll be swept away into a new lifetime of adventures.

You’ve worked so hard, and life has offered you so many experiences, but none of them have been quite like me. Knowing me is more than an ephemeral moment of pleasure, it’s a new wavelength entirely. Here you’ll find a confidante and partner who can keep up with your appetites. I’ll remember each of your soft touches until we reconnect.

Your first impression of me may be that I am statuesque long, lithe muscles sculpted from a true love of athleticism, my current favorites are hiking and biking. But my presence? To quote a film I love, “it’s as though a window has been thrown open and a lovely breeze swept through this stuffy old house.”

Together we will find richness beyond wealth, living life with intention, passion, and vitality. Hand in hand as you rediscover yourself, rediscover life, learn something new. I’ll be discovering along with you, a life-long learner, always ready to pick up a new ability, be it athletic, academic, artistic, or linguistic.

The Look

Lyla Malone is a 5'6", slender, 31 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I love live performance. While my master’s is in tried and true health/education field, my undergrad coursework was in several fields including in Theatre. I grew up dancing and learning piano. There’s real chemistry to be had live jazz, comedy, dance, acrobatics, and theatrical performance spaces. What can I say, I’m here to chase that feeling of electricity.

Movement keeps me lithe, but also, it untangles my thoughts and smoothes some of life’s rougher edges. I live for my bike (Peloton and road alike). I’m one of those mad women who will eagerly join you at a spin class or Pilates. I am lucky enough to live near the ocean, so most mornings I can be found on a long walk puzzling through new ideas, and sorting out dreams from the night before.

I’m no saint, but I tend to keep my sins shareable. Old Fashioned cocktails are old friends of mine and I have a notorious sweet tooth. On a recent trip to Paris is subsisted mostly on macarons, coffee, wine, and tarte citrons.


All new friends must be screened. Reach out to hello@lylamalone.com with requested dates, along with your name, phone number, and two recent references or your employment information.

Up to 90 min / 1200

2 hours / 1400

3 hours / 1800 (recommended for new friends)

4 hours / 2400

6 hours / 3000

8 hours / 4000

12 hours (day or overnight) / 4500

For more information, make sure you see my website. For up to the minute photos and updates, you’ll find me on Twitter. For bespoke meetings and arrangements, reach out via email.

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