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“I have heard all of the stories about girls like me, and I am unafraid to make more of them”

Welcome Beautiful Human,

I am tickled that you have found the time in your day to learn more about me and our experience together.

No doubt it was my slender frame, compassionate eyes, and bewitching behind that drew you in or maybe it was my tweet about cows that lead you here. No matter which- your presence is appreciated.

A transplant from New York, I have grown tall as a palm tree in my authentic nature in Los Angeles. Capturing the LA spirit of wellness I am vegan and a dedicated yogi.

Much like my current home state of California, I am a pieces of a whole that while vastly different creates a blissful and congruous state of being.

My companionship is full of giggles, gasps, and gratuitous nudity. Our connection through this medium will be light-hearted, fun, and renewing.

My deeper and kinkier expressions are saved for humans I know well but are a sensorial delight filled with revelations, power play, and reverence.

My love of adventure feds deeper into my need for exploration.
Not just for places like hidden beach coves, Islands off the California coast, but also for you.

Your passions, your pain, your loves, your joy, and your pets.
We can explore each other hour by hour or day by day, secreted away in LA, or traveling together in different countries.

Let’s link emails, link hands, and link hearts on this big blue planet and discover each other.

Travel Schedule

Boston 4/15-15

NYC 4/17-18

DC. 4/19-20

The Look

Fawn Coyote is a 5'5", slender, 31 year old caucasian woman with medium length blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Backcountry hiking, animal rescue, literature, international travel, scuba diving, activism, nude modeling, spoiling my rescue pup kittens


Screening is required for all new friendships to blossom.

20 percent deposit is required to set a date.

please visit my website for more experiences and information prior to emailing me

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