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+Meet Stefania, the Toronto thottie who probably talks too much (oops)

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Life is short; call her.

I’m not very good at writing these introduction posts fluffing me up to be this amazing person with gorgeous soft skin, long legs or whatever else you are probably used to reading…

The thought of describing myself like that makes me snort because it is so, SO far from who I am. Let me take the time to tell you a story about me instead.

When I first started in this industry (2016), I was convinced I had to be this token dream person. I had wealthy clients take me to fancy restaurants and expensive, lavish trips. I had to dress to the nines in clothes I hated and wear uncomfortable shoes.

Confession: I hated (mostly) every second of it.

Please do not misunderstand me. I do not mean I dislike those activities in general, I just dislike them with the wrong people and prefer to share those kind of experiences with people I don’t have to fake liking.

To be honest (and I seriously hope I’m not shooting myself in the foot confessing this), I’m not really a good actress. If I don’t like someone, the emotional energy it takes to be in their presence is like dying a slow death…

… Want to read the rest of my story? I ran out of characters on here, so you’ll have to go straight to my website (lmao - thanks Slixa).

The Look

Stefania is a 5'4", slender, all natural, 26 year old woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


I’m just take the opportunity to slip in here that instead of the standard chocolate/wine/lingerie/etc gifts guys like to give escorts, I honestly prefer practical things that help my every day life. If you want to spoil me for whatever reason, hear me out, skip the wine and chocolates (okay, maybe not necessarily the wine… p.s: I like red) and get me a gift card to a gas station, Costco, Amazon, or even just cash to help me pay my bills! I promise you helping me pay my car insurance will get me going more than a brand new pair of shoes or lingerie ever will. “Brand new Louboutins?! Oh, how kind of you, these will look fantastic in the car I’m struggling to afford!” LOL.


**Important** All bookings require 24+ hrs notice.

For full booking instructions and my availability, see my Booking Page.

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