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+Your science girl with kinky mind.

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I like exploring the world and myself. There’s sometimes very little we know about ourselves. No matter who we are, and at what stage of our lives, the life is always full of unexpected beauty.

Your sweet science nerd with twisted sense of humor and wandering mind.

I love adventure and sensuality in life and I’m here to explore the new sides of sensuality and passion.
I’m very energetic and love finding new ways to enjoy life.

I’m a full time student, getting my second degree, and I spend a lot of time following my dream scientific path.

I believe that what happens between two people is magical and always different depending on the mood, energy, types of personality.

Also I’m a very good at massage.

The Look

Katrina Breza is a 5'9", athletic, 32 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


Besides exploring the intimacy…
I love sciences, and going to school to get my second degree. (mostly biological, chemistry). I have a lot of interests, ideas and plans related to this area.
I play chess on a regular basis and fairly decent.
I’ve done a lot of scuba-diving and love it. Occasionally I do some things that would push my limits, like sky-diving or getting somewhere high, or go rock climbing. I love martial arts and have been doing this for a few years. Sometimes I like running. I’m a decent long-tennis player and will make you run =)
I like long walks and trekking.
I read a lot and am very educated, and love getting to know new things, learn new languages.
I’m very and very opened to try new things as well.


My schedule is relatively easy outside of study school hours.
We will go from there =).

The rates for my companionship:

My place: 650/90 min : A little conditioning
800/2 hr: A tennis match
1100/3 hr: Some hiking
1400/4 hr: A nice long walk
1700/5 hr: A nice long walk with a chess game
2000/6 hr: Long walk, snacks and massage
2200/8 hr: A little extra

2500/15 hr: Exploring the quality of sleepn and an uninterrupted 7 hours of sleep here
3500/24 hr: Round the clockneed an uninterrupted 7 hours of sleep here and below
5000/48 hr: Going in depth


Yours: all the same uber cost.

Thanks for reading =)

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