There are plenty of sites that host reviews, but few of them put the time and energy into really creating a full-blown community comprised of escorts and hobbyists alike. NaughtyReviews has spent the last five years working to create a "trusted peer-review system" that weeds out scams and fakes to make the best experience for hobbyists, and to support legitimacy of entertainers all over the world.  NaughtyReviews shared some of their history and their tips based on a lot of experience with us.

Why did NaughtyReviews get started? 

It’s been over five years since we started NR. At the time NaughtyReviews was conceived there wasn’t a single site where people could quickly meet and hookup in a safe and respectful way. There were sites that catered primarily to hobbyists and were not welcoming to providers, and sites that catered to providers but offered virtually no information to hobbyists. Our challenge was to create a single destination that was useful, fast and engaging to all parties - a sort of "Yelp" for adult entertainment.

As both a directory and a review site, it was very important to make a site that appealed to both providers and hobbyists and that’s something we’ve been successful at doing since day one. Hobbyists immediately appreciate being able to review escorts right on their profiles and providers love being able to share their good reviews in the same place they advertise.

What makes NaughtyReviews different from other sites that include provider reviews?

NaughtyReviews is more than a one-dimensional review site; it is a dynamic peer review community. Our platform encourages dialogue which is the best way to ensure a truthful account of events. Providers are free to comment on their reviews and converse openly underneath their review. If they don’t agree with something said about them they can let people know immediately. Being able to read this dialogue and contribute to it makes NR a really powerful tool for getting to know more about someone before you contact them.

Another dynamic advantage of NaughtyReviews is that providers have full control over their profiles. Providers have told us time and again that they love being able to update the information on their profiles at any time and share more up-to-date information about themselves with their fans and potential clients.

NaughtyReviews offers a lot of different options for sharing industry information, including a forum for users and entertainers to use. What does the forum offer? What kind of moderation is on the forum? What do users like best about it?

Our philosophy is that our users know best, we provide a state-of-the-art platform and our users take it from there. The forums offer a bit of everything, the Hobby Hangout is a popular place where hobbyists and providers from all over the world go to discuss about just about anything you can think of. We also have the Escorts Only Forum, only open to escorts, where providers are able to share important information to help keep each other safe, and regional forums where people from specific areas can talk about the hobby scene in their area. Since we really do feel our users know best we don’t over-moderate the forums but we won’t hesitate to step in if we feel the safety or integrity of a provider is at stake. We receive positive feedback all the time from providers who feel that we go the extra mile to take care of them.

One of the things about review forums that seems to be beneficial to both hobbyists and entertainers alike is the way that hobbyists can share information -- whether it’s reassuring a newbie about offering screening information or getting first hand recommendations on who to see for what. Do you have any advice that you would give to folks who haven’t hired an entertainer before?

We provide a platform where our users can share valuable information. The best advice we could give is to read our forums to find out the answers. Reviews are also an invaluable tool when it comes to deciding on who to see. Having premium access to the reviews let’s members really get to know a provider’s likes, dislikes and screening practices before even contacting them. So, to put it as succinctly as possible: Our users know best, so if you are new to the hobby, you can get yourself quickly up to speed by reading what other users have to say and if you can’t find the answers don’t be afraid to ask.

It’s amazing how many cities NaughtyReviews is connected and relevant to! What are NaughtyReviews’ most popular cities for reviews and entertainers?

That’s right, we’ve really come a long way over recent years and are now available in hundreds of cities across the globe. There are providers advertising on NR from just about anywhere you can think of and we’re adding new cities all the time. We’re especially popular in the Mid-West of the United States and in most major North American cities. We receive hundreds of reviews every day so a city can really take off in a hurry.

Which reviews are the most popular on your site: massage parlors, escorts, or strip clubs?

That’s difficult to say, we have lots of reviews in all three of those categories. Some cities with a big massage parlor culture like Los Angeles probably receive as many MP reviews as they do escort reviews but we are first and foremost an escort review site and receive two or three times as many escort reviews on a site-wide basis.

As someone who sees tons of reviews on your site, what do you feel are the qualities that clients are most often concerned with?

Good question, at the end of the day it seems all clients want to know if the pictures are accurate and if the escort is honest. The rest as they say is YMMV.

What are the costs associated with being a member of NaughtyReviews, both client and entertainer, and what do they get for their money?

We reward users who contribute reviews with 30 days of free premium access for every 2 reviews they get approved. For those that prefer not to share their experiences, Premium access for hobbyists is just $19.99 per month and that includes full access to all reviews and unlimited private messaging. VIP subscriptions for providers start at just $19.99 per month and include featured placement in the VIP section of the city of their choice, a VIP stamp, customizable auto-welcome messages to all new hobbyists who sign up in their area, and increased search engine visibility. In certain premium cities we also offer a VIP secured placement product which allows providers to purchase the top spots in the VIP section and provides 2 automatic profile “bumps” per day to the top of the city page.

One of the reasons that NR is such a popular destination is because we offer so much for free. Providers get a free profile, they can post free classified ads, and they are able to chat and promote themselves in the forums all for free as well. Hobbyists get free access to the full Massage Parlor and Strip Club reviews making NR truly the best place on the internet for erotic massage parlor reviews. They can also read the public part of escort reviews, contact providers and post to their heart’s content in the forums all for free.

Entertainers are often worried about getting bad reviews, but sometimes having an off day or not having chemistry with a client can even set a wonderful professional off their game, so to speak. Do you have any good advice for how to recover from a bad review?

Chemistry is hugely important and it’s impossible to get along with everyone. It’s also impossible to expect a provider to always have a good day and to never wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It happens to all of us no matter what we do for a living. Because of that, it’s a bit far-fetched to expect a provider to always have 5 star reviews and the occasional lower review probably helps them as it makes them appear more human and legitimate. Unlike other sites, at NaughtyReviews providers can comment on their reviews so if they had a bad date or don’t agree with the review they are able to share their opinion directly under the review.

My advice to any provider receiving a bad review is to leave a polite comment with her perspective and to simply let it be. Of course, if they feel the review is not genuine or written with some sort of ulterior motive, they are always welcome to write into us and our experienced staff will investigate and remove if we deem necessary. Our staff is very responsive and happy to help so we encourage our users to write in for whatever problem they might have.

Check out NaughtyReviews in your city by going to the NaughtyReviews website.  If you'd like to keep up with their updates, follow them on Twitter and check out their blog.