Don't let the word mini fool you: the Fairy Wand Mini isn't anything to sneeze at when it comes to size.

I first purchased the fairy wand rechargeable (which is now, sadly, discontinued) and fell in love immediately with the Fairy family of toys. The Mini and the Baby (which also has my feels for being discontinued) are both fairly misleading because of their names. Neither are what one could term small or mini and both pack a real zing when it comes to the vibrations and strength. The mini, while currently out of stock at EF,  can be found elsewhere online for purchase.

One of the best parts of the FWM, for me, is that it is not discreet. I like everything in life to be loud: people, places, things...and the Fairy Wand Mini doesn't disappoint. The vibrations can go from just enough to more than enough with the turn of the speed control knob. I love the variable speeds. It's not just Off, Hi, Low like a lot of other wands.

It's strong enough to be used traditionally as well. For tight muscles and occasional aches and pains, the deep vibrations of the Mini can assist in relief and relaxation anytime.

Of course, because it's a wand, it's more powerful than other battery operated/rechargeable vibrators. While that doesn't stop me from trying other toys, I always go back to it. It's been my favorite toy for over two years now and I've not had a single moment of trouble with it.

Some of the cons: It's difficult to clean. Spraying cleanser or using a wipe and walking away isn't going to happen with this toy. I use spray cleanser and, during the cleaning process, must make sure to spray every inch of the top end and spray my chamois cloth until it's fairly moist so as to be able to wipe under the end. There is a lip and opening sort of well between the lip of the end and the actual vibrating shaft portion of it which can get really dirty really quickly and leave openings for lots of bacteria to grow if it's not cleaned properly.

A pro about cleaning: While the toy is not waterproof or even submersible, it has seemed to be water resistant. I have rinsed it a million times (I said I use it a lot!) and have never had it be affected later. Just make sure it's unplugged, and never use it in the bath or near water.  Since switching to spray cleanser I haven't had to worry about it much.

If you're looking for strength of vibrations and some wand excitement, the Fairy Wand Mini is definitely, in my humble opinion, the way to go.

DISCLAIMER: None of the products mentioned here were provided for this review. All products were purchased by reviewer. The opinions contained in it are mine and have not been influenced by EdenFantasys or the maker of the spray cleanser by LELO, the Fairy Wand Mini, Baby, or Rechargeable.