I began my career in sex work at underground strip clubs in Manhattan and massage parlors in New Jersey. I found a pretty non descriptive Craigslist ad (I'm sure some of you know the type) to submit my contact information and photos too, and waited for a response. Later that day I got a text from "Benny" who told me that I would get a call from "Bri" to schedule my first day at work as a "model". No more than ten minutes later I get a call from an unknown number and with numb hands answered the phone. I was relieved to be speaking with a woman, but no empathy was shared. Bri only asked what my experience and complexion was like, my availability and when my first day would be.

At one point I felt it appropriate to ask, "What will I be doing there? What can I expect?" Which Bri immediately shot down saying, "We'll talk about that when you get here," and that was that. A few days later in a suburban town of northern New Jersey I pulled up to the address. It was a crisp November day and the address took me from a main road up a ridiculously inclined side street, riddled with buildings that could pass as homes or businesses. My destination was at the very end of the street where it began its one way descent down to the main road below. I parked as far as I could from the entrance, in fear that I was being set up for murder. After sitting in my car for ten minutes debating on whether to drive away, or to go against every fiber of my being and go inside I texted Benny "Here". He quickly responded, "Great, I'm 10 minutes away". He was late, how annoying. Five more minutes passed and after rearranging the contents in my bag three times, tucking away my wallet and ID under the car's passenger seat, seeing no suspicious activity around the building's entrance, I decided to go inside. I walked down the parking lot to the wooden stair case, climbed up the two flights and rang the doorbell. From what I could see it looked like a normal spa on the inside. Soon enough a short pretty white girl with freckles and long dark hair approached the door. There were two clear doors separating us. The girl removed a metal bar from underneath the first door knob, unlocked and opened it, then proceeded to the second door to let me in. Her blue eyes read as flat but professional. "Hi, I'm here to see Benny for my uhm, first day" I offered trying to hide my shaking voice.

"Yeah sure come in," she replied and turned to let me follow her inside. She ushered me to a back sitting area to place my things, which consisted of three black futons all claimed by other women and their belongings. There were three other girls there. One of them was white and the other two were hispanic. One of the hispanic girl's welcomed me by asking a bunch of questions, "Is this your first day here?" "How long have you known Benny for?" "Did you see anyone else outside?"

The white girl, who I later learned was named Nicole, showed me the front desk area. "This is where you check client's in," she pointed to a clipboard with a login in sheet attached. "Make sure you put the time, your name and the donation. The house fee is $100 and the hour session starts at $100 and goes up from there." At this point I knew  exactly what this was. Nicole then showed me the second half of the spa, the shower, where the towels and lotions were, and where the cleaning supplies was. "Benny should be here soon to show you the rest" she mumbled somewhat politely. I nodded and followed her back to the seating area, where I claimed a small edge of one of the futons. I placed my hands under my thighs and swung my legs, but soon stopped to avoid looking nervous. It was too quiet and I started to make small talk with Nicole, since the other two girls were clearly close with one another and not interested in chatting me up. Noticing my newness and waiting for Benny's arrival, a girl commented "Benny's such a dumb ass, he don't even know where he's at half the time."

I looked over almost afraid to make eye contact, "Oh?"

"Yeah, Benny's such a joke," the girls both chuckled. Then as if on cue, we saw a car pull into the parking lot thanks to the outdoor security cameras. In the corner of the lounge area there was a table with a large desktop computer displaying security footage all over the spa. The parking lot, front steps, lounge area, front desk and spa corridor were all on film. I was somewhat relieved that there was something new to focus my attention on. A man of average stature in his late 30s stepped out of the car sporting a black puffy coat and medium wash jeans. It was Benny. We watched Benny approach the wooden staircase and enter the code to let himself inside. I was closest to the lounge area's entrance, so the first that Benny could see. He casually sauntered over and smiled, "Hi, this is your first day right?" I replied with a clipped smile and an empty "Yeah".

Benny greeted the rest of the girls and sat down as if joining a lunch table in highschool. "It's dead Benny, the phone ain't even ringing," one of the girls complained. Benny shrugged, "Well that's how it goes, we gotta get these guys IN here! They're coming". The girl replied, "Uh-huh, you hiring all these new girls for clients that don't even come in!" It was a clear pass at me, but I didn't take it personally. It was clear that Benny was under fire.

"Patience ladies, patience... ya gotta have patience," Benny said turning his attention towards me. I was no longer as scared for my life, but rather just generally uneasy. "Ever work at a spa before?"

"No this is my first time" I said.

"You're going to do well," he told me with a nod, "You're pretty. C'mon let me show you around, or did Nicole do that already?" Nicole glanced away from her phone for the first time since Benny showed up.

"Yeah she showed me the check in area and where the towels and stuff are" I replied. Benny proceeded to go over all of that with me, but in more detail. He showed me how to grab a client's hand to lead them to a room, how to ask them to place the donation on the table and stepping out of the room to let them get "comfortable". Benny guided me to the second room on the left, stripped down to his boxers and face down on the massage table. I was in black leggings and a tank top with a push up bra underneath. I began massaging Benny's back with a squirt of lotion. The conversation flowed naturally and I suddenly felt more at ease. Almost confident to my surprise. Benny told me about the two other locations him and his girlfriend Bri ran and how he was tired from always being on the road. I let Benny do most of the talking. No more than ten minutes later Benny flipped over onto his back. My heart was pounding but I kept my focus. I moved to massage his upper thigh as Benny reached for to waist band of my leggins.

"You should take those off," he said with a lazy smile. I turned around to slowly strip off my leggings and tank top, feeling sexy. I decided to keep my socks on. Benny groaned a little as I moved back towards him, I saw that he was hard through his grey boxers. As I continued the massage he lightly grazed my lacy underwear with his hands and asked if I would do anything else.

"It's my first day, not today" I replied. If I was to do anything else of service here, it would be with a client under my terms I thought. Benny nodded in reply and suddenly sat upright with a far away gaze. "Yeah, ah. I better get going," he got up to retrieve his jeans and pulled out his wallet. He took out two 100 dollar bills and placed them on the table, I hadn't made that much money in a day since last year. "That's for you, thank you. I gotta show you the ap we use so you can make your schedule!"

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