Camming is a bit of a controversial subject when it comes to online work. Many people have very strong opinions about the idea, with some folks making boatloads of money working full time as cam performers, and some loathing the idea of spending hours on cam, waiting for someone to tip.

The reality is probably somewhere in between those two dramatic ends of the spectrum.

The truth about camming (like lots of things in life) is that you usually get out what you put into it. Most cam platforms have a variety of useful tools (as well as problems), and if you’re not interested in lounging around for hours waiting for high rollers to breeze through your cam room, you can make use of clip store features to sell static content while you’re not online, fan club features to subscribe viewers to your output for a set rate per month, and private shows to facilitate one-on-one interactions for Distance Dating.

We’ve taken the Top 5 Cam Sites (according to their regular traffic) and broken out the best features of each to give you a leg up on choosing the best cam site for your needs! Check it out:

Top 5 Cam Sites


This site is pretty popular, and odds are that you’ve had some experience with it in the past (even just to watch other performers’ shows!). Chaturbate has lots of traffic in general, so if you choose to use it for public cam shows, you’ll probably be able to attract an audience just about any time of the day or night. They have some great features for public camming, but aren’t as good as other options for one-on-one or clips and fan clubs. Chaturbate does make it easy to connect interactive toys, which are often super-lucrative for public cam shows.

Best Features Worst Issues
Apps and Bots that allow you to automate messages, games, and more Strict rules enforcement, and sometimes vague communications with Support staff. If you don’t like dealing with Eros, you won’t love Chaturbate.
Pay-per-Minute private shows Expensive payout fees for certain types of payments
Customizable profiles Flash-based video
No voice/texting capabilities or messaging

Slixa’s take: Chaturbate is great for lots of stuff, but many users will find it lacking in features they might need, and could struggle to get help from their email support team. There might be a better choice out there.


LiveJasmin is crazy-popular in non-US locations, and has a reputation more along the lines of capital-M modelling, rather than strictly explicit video (like Chaturbate or Cam4 promises). The tiered payout system can be a little confusing at first, but their referral program is reportedly very lucrative to those who can bring their friends along. LJ is one of the few sites that offers a mobile app for Android and iOS, allowing models to make and receive VOIP calls and messages, all within the Live Jasmin platform. Because of the site’s overall adult nature, these apps are blocked from the app store, but can be installed manually following the instructions on the site.

Best Features Worst Issues
Mobile app for calls and content sharing Tiered payout and earning system with structured payout periods
Premium Snap-style fan club subscriptions Fan club subscription rates are only available at three pre-set levels
Lucrative referral program Competitive grid layout means newer models sometimes struggle to be seen
App is not demonstrably secure or encrypted, and LJ can see/save content (and potentially metadata) shared within

Slixa’s take: Live Jasmin is an industry leader for a reason. They have some amazing features and the number 2 slot in overall traffic. Not a bad choice for those who already know what they’re doing, cam-wise, but could be an uphill climb for newbies.

Bonga Cams

Have you heard of Bonga Cams before? Yeah, we hadn’t either. You think that's a good sign?

They do have some respectable traffic, though, according to external metrics like Alexa rankings (which is part of how we compiled this list). They also offer competitive features, along with some elements other sites don’t come close to achieving. The most practical and exciting among them is their chargeback protection (models won’t be charged if a user disputes a credit card charge, resulting in a refund), which might sound unimportant, but ask any OnlyFans leader and they’ll tell you it’s extremely damaging to a performer’s bottom line.

Bonga Cams will also issue DMCA complaints on performers’ behalf, to have pirated content removed from tube sites or search listings like Google. That’s a huge plus, as anyone who has ever had to issue their own complaints can certainly attest.

Best Features Worst Issues
DMCA takedown notice service Low brand recognition in the US
Chargeback protections Users report technical challenges with streaming/broadcasting
Gift store feature for expanded wishlists Support sections seem to be translated from a non-English language
Self-described as the “nastiest webcam community in the world”

Slixa’s take: Bonga may be a great fit if you’re outside the US, and plan to make use of their DMCA services and chargeback protections. If you’re within the US, and may not want to be part of the “nastiest” webcam platform around, this may not be the site for you.


This site is one of the OGs of the webcam world, coming online way back in 2007. They have a terrific on-boarding and coaching setup for new performers, so if you’re hesitant about the jump to cam work, this might be the right choice for you. They maintain great traffic and have reported a surge in new viewers during global quarantine measures. They did suffer a security breach earlier in the year, but maintain that private performer data was not exposed or lost.

Best Features Worst Issues
Stellar coaching and on-boarding incentive programs Flash based video
Clips and fan club functions Occasional lag or cutoff during peak usage hours
Helpful support team available by chat or email Competitive grid layout means newer models sometimes struggle to be seen
Slow payout schedule and no chargeback protection

Slixa's take: CAM4 is a great choice for a newer performers who already know they want to do public cam shows. But for users looking to pick and choose their tools and how they earn online, this might not be the best possible option.


This site has been at the top of their industry for a long time, and has one of the simplest signup and approval processes of any camsite. Most users are able to start broadcasting the same day they submit their documentation, and the extensive support documentation available makes any troubleshooting a breeze.

On top of that, F4F has an unbeatable list of features, including one-on-one (cam to cam) shows, VOD or video on demand, private fan clubs, and their own Flirt Phone, designed to facilitate streamlined phone sex or texting with the same payout rate as traditional camming. Best of all, each of these features can work toward your own Distance Dating offerings, if you’re not ready for public cam shows.

Best Features Worst Issues
Private fan clubs where you set the rate Competitive grid layout for traditional cam shows
Phone/SMS functionality to keep your real number private and make payment a snap Newer models typically earn less than established ones
Interactive toys
Contests and promotions allowing users to earn bonuses each month
Dedicated email and live chat support

Slixa’s take: We were so impressed by Flirt4Free’s powers that we set up our own whitelabel of the site to integrate with Slixa advertisers can easily set up a profile on Slixa LIVE, and access all of the F4F features and functions. Slixa site viewers can connect with you on LIVE and pay for one-on-one cam shows, phone calls, custom clips, video on demand, and more, and you receive one simple payment at the end of the period! No more worrying about PayPal or Venmo drama, or dealing with scammers or chargebacks.

There are tons of options available if you’re looking for the best webcam sites for online work. We hope that this guide has been useful, and might help you to decide the best platform for you, no matter what your current needs are.

Find out more about Slixa LIVE here.

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