COVID did not romance us... it straight up fucked us without our hourly rate. While we might not be able to interact with our favorite clientele in our regular ways, there is a lot we can still do - and potentially a lot of money to be made while navigating this shift. The reality is that there still isn’t a cure or vaccine for the coronavirus, and there has not been an even handed approach to handling the pandemic. Some states or countries may open up in different ways then others, and it is much more likely that social distancing will continue for a while and we may go through intermittent periods of quarantine. This is reality and the sooner you can adapt to it, the sooner you can make money.

Here is a basic plan for transitioning from in-real-life sex work to online during this time that will continue to benefit you into the future:

First, update your ads.

Do you know that Slixa now has a Distance Dating option?  This is a free feature for anyone with an active ad - it’s also a section that is getting tons of traffic right now. Update this feature with your new hours for these services.

When was the last time you really read through your ad and updated it? Now is a great time to “mend the nets” and review your copy to make sure that it accurately reflects what you offer and who you are as a provider. It’s also a good time to update your photos to ones that are less than a year old. Do you remember to update your social media, but not your ads and website? There is certainly time now. Make sure all your numbers, site, links and email are correct, and add your wishlist to your profile. Perhaps a potential client cannot physically be with you right now, so make it easy for them to send you a gift to get your attention.

Second, reach out to your existing client base.

Let them know that you are not offering in-person sessions right now and what they can do instead to support you. Yes, many of your clients will have had an income change and might not be able to contribute to you right now, but it’s important to maintain contact with them to make sure: 1) they know your plan, and 2) you keep yourself front of mind.

If you still have a mailing list (and haven’t been kicked off yet) this is definitely the time to use it. If you don’t have a mailing list, you can still reach out to clients through individual email. It’s worth it although it may not be the most exciting task. It’s not a good idea to call or text them, however, even if you have in the past, since many people are still in shelter-in-place and might be around someone who can’t know you exist!

Third, start exploring your online options!

There are three main types of online options:

  1. Passive Income through Clips Stores and Member/Fan Sites
  2. Paid Per Interaction or Paid Per View (PPV), and
  3. Phone or Webcam Sessions for an agreed upon amount of time. We’ll explore some of the benefits of each below:

Clips Stores are sites like Clips4sale (C4S) or IWantClips (IWC), where you film a short video, in the length of your choice, and upload your “clips” to the site. Members can search using categories and keywords and follow you in order to download your videos. This is a great way to create passive income which will continue on into the future.

Member or Fan Sites are websites such as OnlyFans or AVN Stars where you charge a monthly fee for exclusive content such as photos, videos, audio files, and live streams.  

Paid Per Interaction examples are the sites SextPanther or NiteFlirt. On SextPanther you charge a customer a set rate like $1.50 per text, $5.00 per photo or $10 per video. NiteFlirt also has a chat option with a set rate of $.69 per volley, but you can also send emails here with content and charge a price for them to be opened, hence PPV.

Phone or Webcam Sessions are similar to in real life where there is an agreed upon amount of prepaid time for your dedicated interaction.  But if you are on a service like SextPanther or NiteFlirt, the client is charged per minute so you can extend.

My top recommendations for online sites to join where you can make money relatively quickly without a lot of equipment and technical knowledge are NiteFlirt, SextPanther, OnlyFans and AVN Stars.  These can be set up with a phone or computer and internet connection.  

NiteFlirt has been around for a long time so it is the gold standard with reliable customer service.  SextPanther is newer, and you will need to have at least 500 Twitter followers to be approved, but it is a discreet service that allows you to charge what you want per interaction. This means that you can make more money here than with NiteFlirt’s text option.  

OnlyFans is a fan site that is very well known and gets a lot of traffic; you can set up a free account or a monthly paid subscription fee as there are benefits to having both.  You can have customers tip you directly on the site or even charge them for interactions in DMs.  You can also set up livestreams.

AVN Stars is newer, but similar to OnlyFans in most of the features, except you have the option to allow some posts to be free and some to be hidden, eliminating the need to have two accounts.  The one very important thing to remember is to NEVER talk about meeting up in real life on any of these services – it is not allowed and you will get kicked off. There are also many successful people on all of them who do not show their face, if that is a concern for you as well.

There are pros and cons to all of these methods and you will probably find some that you will like better than others. Many people are able to schedule times to interact with you online, but you may find it easier and more lucrative to just set your hours for the day/week and let people find you that way. In these times, often people don’t always know when and for how long that they can get away.

Although times are certainly strange and uncertain, your clients will always appreciate you offering some kind of service or lifeline until they can interact with you again in your chosen setting. It’s also likely that you will increase your clientele by being able to reach even more people 24/7 around the world. Whatever online platform you choose, spend some time doing your research and possibly taking a class or two from an expert to develop some new skills and hone them.

Before COVID, the majority of my business was based on in real life interactions with clients and through events, so I had to very quickly pivot my entire business.  It took a lot of hard work and long hours, but it can be done and you can make money doing online sex work.  Some of your clients will follow you, some can’t for various reasons, but you will also find more clients.  I made more money the first week of April than I had in the entire month of March from just online platforms - so I absolutely know that my strategy and recommendations will work for you too.

I offer a more in-depth version of this article in a class I teach, Thriving Virtually: Translating IRL to Online for All SWers, and I will be posting all of my upcoming online classes at, and I also offer private consulting as well. Be safe and please follow the guidelines as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO.)