There's no reason to rehash the trials and tribulations of the last few months here, or to reiterate what "complicated" or" unprecedented" times we're all living in. It might be worth pointing out that these global changes have put a unique strain on providers, but this community is nothing if not resilient af.

Slixa made fast moves to ensure our advertisers were able to promote their online-only offerings, but we also wanted to ensure that site viewers understand how best to navigate this new world respectfully, whist generating the types of connections they seek.

Distance Dating

Slixa's new Distance Dating upgrade means that advertisers are now listed in a global grid when viewers tap the Distance/Virtual Dates button from any city page. These are Slixa advertisers who have established online-only offerings designed to maintain distance and connection during COVID19.

Just like each advertiser and their profile is unique, these offerings will be unique and viewers should always check with providers when they have questions, rather than acting on presumptions. The internet can help us forget that at the other end of our emails, chats, and requests is a human person; manners and respect go a long way, as pornstar Arabelle Raphael eloquently reminds us.

While there may be unique styles and parameters, virtual offerings tend to fall into a couple distinct categories, and understanding these will go a long way toward getting what you want out of an encounter:


Camming traditionally refers to the type of webcam action most folks are familiar with: there is an open group chat, with the performer or model live on video, communicating with their audience directly and either hosting a structured show or taking requests for activities in exchange for tips or tokens. Slixa LIVE features traditional cam elements with a host of additional features as well.

Private Video Chat

One-on-one video chat means a viewer is connected directly to a provider, without the burden of a wider audience. It's just you and them. The excitement can be amplified even more if both parties are able to see one another, which is known as cam-to-cam. Slixa LIVE features secure one or two way video chat with advertisers setting their rates for their time, and everything else being limited only by consent and imagination.


This is one where it's important to remember that sex work is work! We're in an age where texting is so commonplace you likely already do it with everyone all the time. But when communicating with providers, it's the same as calling them at work.

Some advertisers have jumped in with both feet to online work, and already offer paid text/SMS "packages" where viewers are charged a daily or weekly tribute to ensure the time spent on them is worth it to everyone involved. If you're utilizing Slixa LIVE's SMS features, you can keep your personal phone number safe, and make payment a breeze with easy to purchase credits for your interactions.

Phone Sex

Just like texting (only a bit less common with these kids today), it's important to be aware that sexy phone time for you is work time for providers. They may already have a set rate for phone talk tabled out on their Distance Dating profiles, but it may be worth asking what rates look like, if you don't see them listed. Especially if this is an activity you already know you like. As with texting, Slixa LIVE allows you to fly through payment and get right to the chat with their simple credits system.

Premium Access

This one can take lots of forms, from Premium Snapchat access, to Private Telegram Groups. You'll need to follow the instructions of each individual provider who offers such things, but you'll be rewarded with unrestricted access to their best images, videos, and disappearing messages. It's like paid access to the VIP lounge.

Subscriptions or Fanclubs

Sites like OnlyFans and JustForFans are experiencing record boom times because of all this locked-in computer times. If your favorite escorts or providers are offering subscription based plans like these, that's an easy-peasy way to support them for just a few bucks per month. Each site has its own rules about how to subscribe and what users get for their money, but trust your provider to know what's best for them and then just follow along while they deliver the goods!

No matter how you choose to engage for Distance Dating, respect is always the thing that will take you the furthest – on Slixa or anywhere else. Treat these professionals like... well, like you'd treat any other professional! Follow the rules, pay the cover, make your (online) dreams come true.

Check out the global Distance Dating grid now, to see who might be your perfect match.