Just in the last 12 months (even pre COVID) it seems as though there’s been an explosion in the options available for monetized subscription services for online content – whether it’s considered adult or not. There’s also no shortage of unsolicited advice, individual experience (everyone’s milage may vary), and superstars making any old platform work to their advantage.

Choosing the one that fits your specific needs, though, can be a real challenge! There is a ton of crossover, too, in the features and abilities of fans-style sites, camming platforms, and clips sites. You may not need to jump onto a trendy new site, if another would serve you better overall.

That’s why we picked the top 5 fans sites to investigate more closely. What’s right for you? Let’s find out:


The DIY porn site so low-key famous that Beyoncé referenced it in a song:

OnlyFans has been around for a minute, and lots of folks already have established followings there. But it doesn’t come without a troubled past. OF was built (and purports still) to be a vanilla platform for audiences to connect with their favourite content creators, and not an adult industry or even adult friendly site trying to cater to XXX creators. In some recent messaging the platform claimed to be made for “artists, gamers, comedians, magicians, and so much more.” That tweet has since been rightly ratio’d right to hell by the sex workers who have directly contributed to OnlyFan’s continued success, and the replies are worth a read to see how industry folks feel about this erasure of their existence.

This is Good This is Less Good
80% Payout Rate 100% not an adult-oriented platform; just one that hasn’t kicked XXX creators *yet*
Reliable technology and iOS app Anecdotal reports of full service workers being unceremoniously booted when “fans” report or reference off-site activity
Viewer chargebacks deducted from model payouts
Zero site traffic – creators do their own leg work to get subscribers on to their profiles via social media

Slixa’s take: OF has name recognition, but most all of their features and benefits are available on sites that aren’t pretending to be made for magicians. There’s nothing inherently wrong with choosing OnlyFans, but we think you can probably do better.


ManyVids is not exclusively a fans or subscribers site, but they do offer their MV Crush subscriber service, in addition to custom clips, live camming, and retail product store functions. Unlike OnlyFans, ManyVids has a ton of organic traffic and features models in lots of different ways on their site. It’s possible for new fans and followers to discover you there without being brought in directly by social media.

MV also works hard on promotion for their models on their brand social accounts. It’s worth pointing out, too, that this is a platform made for and catering to adult entertainers specifically. That may be relevant to your interests, and it may not.

This is Good This is Less Good
DMCA protections 60-80% payout rates, depending on the type of content/service
Chargeback protection for performers Reports of strict and automated rules enforcement means you may need to deal with Support more than you’d like
Site traffic means new subscribers/viewers

Slixa’s take: MV is non-US based, sex worker friendly (while you aren’t allowed to plan or discuss offline meets, you can link to Slixa profiles or personal websites), and really focused on getting and keeping their house in order. You could do a lot worse.


JustForFans was designed as a direct competitor to OnlyFans for adult creators who were frustrated with the charade of OF being a platform for "magicians." The site is heavily integrated with Twitter, but does bring site traffic to featured profiles without users needing to do all the promotive work. Their payout rate is slightly lower than other sites for subscriptions, but they offer paid SMS/texting, custom store items, and custom clips with a weekly payout schedule. You can get paid and get your money quick. They also offer DMCA protection, which we mentioned as a huge bonus in this article, as part of their model agreement (OnlyFans could never).  

The icing on the JFF cake is their integrated charitable giving function. Raise boners and money at one fell SWOP.

This is Good This is Less Good
Weekly payouts Required Twitter integration could be risky if you already operate against the Twitter TOS with hardcore images and endless promo tweets
DMCA protections Tends to skew toward a more M4M crowd, but welcomes all genders and orientations
Charitable giving options baked in Less elegant user experience than OnlyFans, and no native app availability

Slixa’s Take: you might be able to accomplish your goals using the integrated features in Slixa LIVE, and rake in new followers/customers based on Slixa traffic alone. But if you decide to go looking for something else, JFF is our favourite pick for their unabashed sex worker focus and constant attention to issues and forward-thinking development.

Fan Centro

You ever watch Suits? On the USA Network? We didn’t either, but it was on for NINE SEASONS, so somebody must have. Probably. Maybe it’s good? Somebody must think it’s good? We can’t remember anything bad we’ve ever heard about it, so maybe it’s very good and it’s just that nobody’s ever seen it?

That’s Fan Centro. Initially designed as a paywall for social media feeds, they include their own aggregate output, called The Feed, where users pay for subscribed access. The site also features custom clip selling.

This is Good This is Less Good
Weekly payouts Low brand recognition
Low minimum payout requirements Necessary to be fluent in social media apps you’re looking to sell access to
Maybe Suits was good and everybody just missed it?

Slixa’s take: Probably fine? Shrugging woman emoji?

AVN Stars

AVN Stars is the OnlyFans competitor introduced by the Adult Video Network (the adult industry juggernaut behind the AVN Awards and all the AVN publications).This is a full featured platform that’s rolling out more functionality all the time. One of the most reassuring things we came across researching this post was this unbelievably enthusiastic video from Pro Domme Madame Amiee:

That’s 20 minutes long, so you don’t have to watch it all right now. But it’s worth checking out eventually. The TLDR is: This platform will do all the things you need, has features you didn't even know you needed yet, and boasts one of the highest payout rates around.

This is Good This is Less Good
80% Payout Rate Relatively new, means lower potential engagement
Fully adult and XXX friendly from the ground up May not be great for male-identified performers
Accept tips OR subscription rates OR custom clip sales No offical comment about Suits from AVN yet

Slixa’s take: In 6 months or so it seems likely AVN stars will have grown some more substantial roots. But for creators looking for something profitable in the immediate, Slixa LIVE or one of the above options may be the best way to go.

As with so many things, your decision on a platform will hinge greatly on the features that are important to you, and where you think your audience will most easily convert to paying customers. But there's no rule that says you gotta be exclusive! Experiment with offering your content in different arenas and at different price points. Use this list as a jump-off for first places to begin. You'll be amazing.