As we've already shared, this community will and already has been uniquely impacted by COVID-19. Because of the diverse strata of workers and working styles, there is no one solution that will solve everyone's problems in one fell swoop.

But there are organizations and mutual aid funds that are working overtime in this difficult span, to ensure that the most marginalized are able to take care of necessities like food and shelter. This is just a small collection of funding campaigns and contact links. If you know of any we missed (or if you represent a collection or organization you'd like to see included), please reach out to so that we might add to this list and signal boost where possible.

Listings marked with a ♥︎ are actively seeking donations for COVID19 related causes. If you are in a position to give, it is strongly encouraged:

SWOP Brooklyn: ♥︎

SWARM Collective: ♥︎

BAWS: ♥︎


PDX Sex Worker Aid: ♥︎

Lysistrata Mutual Aid Fund: ♥︎

Scarlet Alliance: ♥︎

PACE Society:

Maggie's Toronto:︎ ♥

A full list of resources and organizations can also be found here.

We are collecting all of our pandemic coverage and announcements on the COVID19 tag, and you can always get the most up to date information about how Slixa is working to ensure advertisers are able to earn and stay safe with our timeline of releases here.

We will continue to add to and update this list as new opportunities arise. Again – do not hesitate to contact us if you know of funds or organizations offering support to providers during this difficult time.

We're here for you.

The Slixa Team.