In my years working as an escort, I've been asked to trade my services for everything from laptops and gift cards to prescription pills. Obviously I didn't say yes to every offer, but there have been a select few which ended up being good deals.

The first thing that's important to be aware of is that most of these offers are no good. Cash is always the best way to go when collecting payment for your independent escort services, but in rare situations you may find it convenient to simply work out a trade instead.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I oftentimes traded services with one of my clients who was a mechanic in Baltimore. I have been through tons of different cars since I started out working as an escort, so I needed a fair amount of help with maintenance and even replacing a few cars as well.

This arrangement worked out well for both of us and it made sense. That's the most important thing to consider when you are offered a trade - whether it is really something you need and if it's worth your time at the end of the day.

Remember that expensive items may seem alluring, but if you have no use for them, then what is the point of trading something as valuable as your time in exchange for them?

Ask yourself if the traded item or service will save you money, make you more money than you would earn for your time otherwise and whether or not you have a use for it.

Answering these questions should make it fairly easy to tell the sweet deals apart from the junk offers.