Look, it’s not easy to run a successful VIP escort or adult provider business, especially in a competitive market. It seems like more and more people are entering the business in the hopes of generating some quick cash. This has created a massive flux of new talent ready and willing to do just about anything to attract the client. The question is ~ can they keep them? In today’s article I’ll share some simple and extremely effective strategies specifically designed to keep your clients coming.

It can be quite costly, both in time and money, to craft ads that get the phone ringing. Studies show that it can cost ten times as much to acquire a new client as it does to retain one.  But why go through all of that work to get more clients if you can’t keep the ones you have ~ especially the ones you enjoy seeing?


Listen ~ as a savvy businessperson, it’s imperative (especially in this competitive market) that you set yourself up for success. One of the best ways to achieve this is by having a steady stream of extremely satisfied clients regularly contributing to your cash flow. The more memorable or meaningful an experience you can provide, the more you will stand out from the crowd. Strive to create an interesting, unusual, or exciting environment that supports your “brand” and escort session offering. A run-of-the-mill experience just positions you as just another “me too” provider.

Take a look at your favorite clients and make note of any similarities among them. For example, do you receive the majority of requests for appointments early in the morning or late in the evening? If you can make yourself available to accommodate their schedule, you’ll stand apart ~ thereby making yourself more appealing over other providers.

Once a client finds someone they trust and feel comfortable with, the greater the chance that they’ll think of you first. While availability is important, it’s not enough to keep great clients coming back. Remember ~ clients will pay more for experiences that are meaningful to them. That’s why you have to go the extra mile to create an experience that will not only “wow” them, but that will knock their socks off!

How To “Wow Them”: Go The Extra Mile By Paying Attention To The Details

Many of the tips I’m about to share are just “good old fashion common sense":

  • Make sure the space where you receive clients is spotless ~ consider hiring a housekeeper to help you if necessary. Clear out unnecessary clutter. Go over all visible surface spaces with a quick dusting and run through the areas where you’ll be working (and where your client will be changing) with the vacuum.
  • Bathrooms, especially sinks, toilets, and shower areas, must be absolutely spotless. In addition, try to avoid using strong cleaning products that linger (like bleach or ammonia) immediately before your client arrives. And please empty the trash - no one wants to see confirmation of another client’s presence.
  • Speaking of the bathroom, make sure to provide clean folded towels (both bath size and washcloths). Slippers that can be worn in the massage room and to the shower area are a nice touch and a few sets can be picked up inexpensively at discount stores or online.
  • If you really want to "wow" your client, towel warmers are a great touch.
  • Clients love having basic amenities provided for them: mouthwash (with disposable cups), toothpaste, floss and travel size toothbrushes, combs, Q-tips, unscented deodorant, shaving cream and disposable razors, baby wipes, liquid anti-bacterial soap, Kleenex, 70% Rubbing alcohol and high-quality unscented bath wash and shampoo.
  • Set up a designated space for your client to store their clothes. Beautiful wooden clothes hangers are a lovely touch, but a chair or a hook on the back of a door is better than nothing.
  • If you’re offering a massage, a nice touch is to warm your massage oil or cream in a hot cabinet, microwave, or crock pot.
  • Set the stage by adjusting the room temperature. It’s difficult for a client to relax during a massage if the room is chilly, but also remember that men tend to "run hot”. Light your candles, spritz the air with something yummy (I love a blend of lavender/rosemary/peppermint during the summer and pumpkin or apple spice during the winter) and turn on appropriate music.
  • Be ready for your session 15 minutes ahead of your client's scheduled time.

After reading this list I realize you might be thinking ~ “I have to provide all of these products for every client???” But keep this in mind ~ 90% of your clients in all likelihood won’t use some (or any) of your toiletry items. The point is: Providing these items shows your clients that you care enough about them to give them everything they need to go about their day.

Pre-session “Wow” Tips:

  • Greet them warmly, in whichever way is most comfortable for you. If they arrive wearing a coat or jacket, take it from them and hang it up.
  • Offer them a beverage ~ still or sparkling mineral or coconut water with lemon or lime, a glass of wine or champagne, hot tea, a green drink ~ whatever complements you and your "brand". A light snack is wonderful if you’re taking the time to sit and chat with them ~ a plate of luscious fruit and savory cheeses, high-quality nuts, freshly baked cookies (a particular favorite of mine during the winter months ~ buy frozen pre-measured dough and pop 3-4 into the oven 20 minutes before the session).
  • Acknowledge and compliment him. For example, “I love that you always arrive right on time”, “I can tell you’ve been working out, you’re looking great”, “I always enjoy seeing you”. Abraham Lincoln said it best: “Everyone likes a compliment.” So ask yourself when you are interacting with your clients - Is your focus on what’s great about YOU or what’s great about THEM?
  • Once you learn a bit more about them, ask them how things are going. Important: Don't burden your clients with your troubles - remember, it’s their time and they are entitled to your undivided attention.

Post Session “Wow” Tips:

After the session has concluded you have another opportunity to "wow" them. Some suggestions:

  • I give my clients a cd of the music they were listening to during their Bondassage or Elysium session. I often send them off with a “to-go” bag: A fresh bottle of mineral water and a small bag of cashews and chocolate truffles, or some leftover cookies.
  • One provider I know hands her clients a hand written “thank you” card as they leave. Another gives them a copy of this book with a specific section highlighted for them as their “homework.”
  • I make it a point to send a "Thank You" email immediately, telling them about the wonderful time I had with them, thanking them for their patronage, and inviting them to connect with me again soon.
  • Just as you always greet your client with a smile on arrival, give them a sincere goodbye with a light kiss and smile when they leave.

It’s amazing the positive impression these little thoughtful treats will leave on your client. Show them how much you care by continually looking for fresh and inventive ways to take care of them. They will think of you and - if you’re really sincere and good at what you do - only you.