Are you the naughty schoolgirl? The irresistible seductress? The down and dirty tramp? Because fantasy fulfillment is job requirement number one when you work in the adult entertainment industry, the persona you present is a hugely important part of what you do.

If you want to be the kind of provider whose persona shines from the top of your head to the tip of your toe (and, more importantly, in between), check out these awesome lingerie options from my favorite purveyor of all things fine and lacy: Journelle.

For The Girl Next Door/Innocent

We all know the type: big eyed, simple hair, little make-up. The Girl Next Door is the sweetheart that every grown man wanted to bang when he was a teenager, but just wasn’t cool enough/smooth enough/whatever enough to seal the deal.

Underneath her cutoff shorts and tiny tee, this sweetie is just figuring out what sexy means. The Eberjey Maritime Stripes Bralet and Hipster combine to make the perfect summertime set, complete with a bit of lace to show that she’s not a little girl anymore.

If it's more of a flirty sundress kind of day, the Esther Chemise from Eberjey is another excellent option. Made of a lightweight, smooth material, this is little number will look as sweet when one strap is falling off your shoulder as it will crumpled up on your floor.

For The Hipster Chick

Sites like Suicide Girls are testament to the fact that the alternative, artsy, glasses-wearing, tattoo-covered badass chica is definitely way more popular now than she was in high school. Or maybe all the guys were all just intimidated; who knows? Regardless, if you’re the type who started working to pay your way through art school and isn’t scared of the tattoo needle, this is absolutely the best escort persona for you.

The La Fee Verte Silk Crepe Printed Bralette could just as easily be worn underneath an American Apparel tank or as a top in it’s own right. The silk crepe material is patterned with a perfectly ‘80s style print that will make your male friends think “edgy,” while the matching ruffled panties add a great flirty touch.

If you’re looking for something that’s exclusively for the bedroom, check out the Zinke Daisy Jumper. Any hipster girl worth her salt has at least one romper in the closet, but only the coolest of the cool can pull off one made purely of black lace.

Think you have what it takes?

For The Bombshell

Marilyn Monroe. Veronica Lake. Bettie Page. Joan Harris. Whichever classic lusty lady you style yourself after, they’ve all got one main thing in common:

Nobody can beat those curves.

Combining a classic beauty with undeniable sexiness, the Bombshell knows exactly when to throw a come-hither look over her shoulder as she struts her stuff in five-inch red pumps. Her form-fitting dresses show off a tiny waist, buoyant chest, and hips to die for, but underneath them is where the fun really begins.

For the ultimate in Super Busty Escorts, check out the Gossard Revolution Staylo Bra, which provides serious support and lift without sacrificing style. Your girls will be on display and ready to come out and play when you’re rocking this one.

One of my personal, ultimate, all-time favorites is the Bordelle Angela With Structured Cups. I’ve been lusting after this beauty since the first time I laid eyes on it in the Journelle window off of Union Square in New York City and I guarantee that anyone who sees you in it won’t be able to pick his jaw up off the floor, Roger to Jessica Rabbit style.

With panels of elastic that give you just the right amount of peek-a-boo, a form-fitting shape that hugs those gorgeous curves, molded cups providing excellent support, and a built-in suspender for your stockings, your male friends won’t be able to get that gold zipper down fast enough.

For The Dominatrix

You, my friend, get to walk the fine line between sexy and fierce. Since we usually associate female sexuality with a soft femininity, the Dominatrix has to be very particular about expressing her sexuality in a way that is dominating while simultaneously female.

A classic corset is a necessary part of any Domme’s wardrobe. Check out the Playful Promises Vintage Stitch Corset with the wasp-waist-creating tie back because nothing says “powerful woman” like structured black silk.

For those of you who love buckles and straps (and let’s be real: who doesn’t?), I have two fabulous suspenders for you. One is the Bordelle Hourglass Cincher, which outlines your curves while simultaneously suggesting the clasps and ropes that are an essential part of what you do so well.

Bordelle also has a more classic harness, but with a very special Domme twist: it’s made of high-shine leather, 18k gold, and has onyx rivets. It also has removable suspenders, so you can choose to wear it with or without the sexiest black sheer stockings in your repertoire.

The last piece I have for you lovely ladies is the Valinia Body, also from Bordelle. This piece is truly a work of art, featuring Bordelle’s signature elastic straps with gold closures, a panel of ochre-colored silk with a hand-sewn lace overlay combined with a gold zipper closure, gold clasp removable garters, and a gold clasp that unhooks the thong in the back.

At $1,328, this is by far the most expensive garment of them all, but that’s okay. One of the great things about being a Domme is that I’m sure you have plenty of friends who are willing to buy it for you.

So there you have it, ladies, four classic personas ranging from the sun-kissed girl next door to the whip-wielding Dominatrix. Whichever persona you decide on, Journelle has something for everyone. Some of their pieces are definitely a bit pricey but all you have to do is remind yourself of two things:

1. You’re worth it.

2. You can always create a wishlist.


Miss Ruby Hayward